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  1. hi everyone just a quick little question, what's that pistol-looking like thing on the right hand side of the cockpit? reminds me a bit of a flare gun or something like that
  2. hellcat was definitely a key role player in the pacific and one of the most successful allied aircraft, which kinda has me confused as to why we're getting the bearcat instead (not complaining just doesn't make a whole lot of sense)
  3. yeah that would be cool to see, WWII carrier ops! although the corsair (from what i know) had lots of problems with landing, something to do with the gear or hook and was used mainly on land
  4. i was just curious as to who would want a corsair in DCS i know it was for the pacific theatre but damn is it one of my favorite WWII planes ;)
  5. F4U - who would want it? i was just curious as to who would want a corsair in DCS i know it was for the pacific theatre but damn is it one of my favorite WWII planes ;)
  6. ok i promise this is the last place ill post this and im only doing it because this subsection just opened up and it's most fitting for in here so if anybody would be so kind as to recreate this skin for the F-15 that would be amazing [more reference pictures below for the general idea] [X] [X] [X] [X]
  7. hi everyone, sorry to repost but im starting to notice that the flaming cliffs section doesn't get a whole lot of traffic, and i think it's more fitting to put this here. ANYWAYS i was hoping somebody would be able to recreate this skin here for either the F-15 or Su-27 (or both but honestly i don't really care as long as one of them gets made) many thanks to all :)
  8. i was wondering if there's anyone willing to recreate this skin for the su-27. i (and im sure there are others) would really appreciate it :thumbup:
  9. oh trust me i know about seveng, i like how it seems like it would retain the same feel that dcs and falcon have (i tried the superbug for fsx and i just didn't like how it felt at all, not to mention the horrid frame rate i got on JUST the superbug and not the rest of fsx) i guess i'll just keep on keeping an eye out for more updates from seveng for the moment!
  10. jeez you sure are going out of your way, thanks! man i would kill to have a good sim for the super hornet or even just the C/D, but right now i guess dcs mods are the closest i can get :-/
  11. oh wow thanks haha, those are really cool videos! also i've also wondered if the F/A-18C has superior maneuverability when compared to the super hornet, mainly cause the super hornet has the much bigger frame, and i also noticed that all the blue angels F-18s appear to be normal hornets, and you'd think that they would demand top maneuverability
  12. ok so this has probably been done before in some form but i am totally torn between the hornet/super hornet and the tomcat so i'd love to hear everyone else's thoughts! please just keep this all based off of both factual information and logic that can be backed up because i know there are a ton of people who are mad that the tomcat got the boot (i'm sad to see it gone too in all honesty) but i'm interested to see how it is compared to the hornets, and in addition how the hornet and the super hornet compare in terms of maneuverability :juggle:
  13. so i'm trying out this fantastic F/A-18 mod (found here https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cx3et8f0y1hilbx/e2m49l9tf-) and im having a bit of problem where the plane bobs up and down with even the slightest input and even at high and stable speeds, is it a problem with the trim? becuase it always seems offbalance, and it can't be weight related because it happens with both full and no payload
  14. thanks! A bit buggy with the cockpit view but otherwise it's very nice :thumbup:
  15. Hi so I'm pretty new to these forums (so sorry if I put this under the wrong category). I installed an F-18 mod [ http://www.lockonfiles.com/topic/39139-fa-18c-eagle-by-henry-hell/ ] and I've run into a bit of trouble: The landing gear doesn't exist. Basically whenever I spawn on any surface I instantly drop and explode. I can still operate if I spawn in the air, but when I went into 3rd person while landing I noticed the gear clipping through the ground as if it wasn't there. In addition the landing gear is only broken for me, AI can land and taxi and do what they please, but if I were to take control of the aircraft I instantly explode. I'm very much hoping someone has an answer, or even a new F-18 mod that works considering that none of the others I've attempted worked (game crashes as soon as I spawn) I would really appreciate any help considering how much I'd love to be able to fly an F-18 and honestly it isn't as fun if you can't land or even remotely make contact with the ground :noexpression:
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