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  1. Neat video, that is a pretty handy source to have!
  2. Very good points, thank you! And I tested out the vertical scan mode and yes if you hold ENTER it locks automatically - something very good to know!
  3. Hello! So I have been playing with the Su27 for a while now and feel very comfortable with BVR (still haven't mastered the elevation settings on the radar though) but I am really struggling with Close Air Combat, especially where I don't have the enemy's info on my HUD anymore. Specifically, I cannot for the life of me find the enemy plane after we finish jousting, and I end up spinning around and around trying to find him. Is there some sensor/radar setting I should be using? Right now I am just scanning the sky after entering the vertical aiming mode (the setting on the 3 button) and spamming ENTER hoping to get a lock. I know this isn't the way it should be done, but outside of seeing the enemy plane with my eyes I don't really know what else there is. I use the HDD to give me an idea of where the enemy is, but we are turning so fast around each other it is pretty tough to watch that, the sky, and everything else. It is also very limited if you don't have AWACS. Any help/tips? THanks! :)
  4. Thank you very much for the info and the encouragement! :) I will probably just buy some more red VVS stars (I might have a few from somewhere in my hobby drawer...hmm...) considering the outline ones are apparently out. :( I found this link if anyone else is interested: http://fmso.leavenworth.army.mil/OEWatch/201307/Russia_05.html Apparently they ditched the blue-outlined star because it broke the camouflage, which sounds ridiculous to me,of all the colors that stand out, red is definitely on the top of the list! They are also ditching the grey-blue camo and opting for regional camos... I guess that is because this is a better camouflage for 7 months out of the year, though I guess it blends in with the itty bitty small church domes in the background! :smilewink:
  5. This game is so much fun it inspired me to do some more model planes after a very long time. So now I am wondering if anyone knew what roundel the VVS is currently using? I have seen a new tricolor one with the blue outline on the red star, but Wikipedia says Russia went back to the Soviet Red star with white outline in 2013. Some recent pictures are too zoomed out to tell... Any insight? Thanks! :)
  6. Yes, he has 2 cluster bombs and 4 laser guided missiles, as well as a full tank of fuel. He follows my movements almost exactly and even performs the same dives that I do, but refuses to drop any munitions. The only response I get out of him when I try to order him to attack is "negative"... Well, at least he soaks up a few SAMs for me from time to time:P
  7. 1. F/A-18 2. F-16 3. F-4 This way it is easier for ED to make them, most of the information is declassified AND they already made the in-game models! Win-win! :) The first can complement the Russian Su33, the second is too iconic and prolific to pass up (especially if the Mig23 is also released at some point), and the third is a perfect complement for the soon to be released Mig21.
  8. I can definitely understand what you mean, DCS should really be for modern aircraft or at the very least for jet aircraft. I understand they want to expand their market to the hardcore WW2 flight sim folks (I know they are still out there, I know how packed IL2 1946 gets years after release). For my WW2 needs I would rather get the full experience from the more recent IL2 games while DCS fully fleshes out the modern battlefield instead. Oh well, so long as modern aircraft remain the focus I suppose it can work.
  9. There is a lot honestly, but I can settle in the short term for some nicer models, especially for the two carriers. I would like some love to go to the Kirov class though, that magnificent ship deserves an absolutely stunning model like the Ticonderoga's! :smilewink:
  10. The Tornado! It is such a beautiful plane, and could let Brits, Germans, and Italians get a chance to make an appearance in DCS. It probably has more declassified systems information than the Eurofighter or the Rafale, so it is probably the best pick for a modern European jet.
  11. I think realistically the Hind would have the most source material available to get an accurate flight model developed. The last time I was in the Czech Republic I went to look at this place that sells T72s and on the way there a guy offered to sell me my choice of a mig21 or a Hind, so I know they are available if ED wants to get a "first hand experience" :smilewink:
  12. For the best realistic conflict, I think the Aegean would be the best with Greece vs Turkey. Russia could technically support either side as could NATO (or the alliance could sit out and just a few members get involved), it all depends on how the scenario is set up. I would personally go for something where Russia takes Thrace and Istanbul in a combined effort of the VDV and Black Sea Fleet to protect the Dardanelles and shipping through the Black Sea, so defacto supports Greece while other NATO members get involved to remove the "Russian meddling in an internal NATO conflict." If possible the map could expand to include Syria too or have a separate Syria map, which could join Greece/Russia in countering its old rival to its north which is probable after recent skirmishes between the two. The Georgia map could be recycled for a few missions to fit the scenario as Georgia would most likely align with Turkey/NATO to get another shot at taking back S. Ossetia and Abakhazia while Russia is busy in the Dardanelles. At least this way there is not the tired "good guy vs bad guy" set up that typically plagues these kind of scenarios, but rather several powers simply looking to further their own goals.
  13. I would not mind some help too if the offer is still up, I am relatively comfortable with the Su25 and the Su25T and can successfully perform solo missions with both (I actually prefer the former, its too iconic to pass up!). I would also like to learn the Su27 soon, I have just been waiting because apparently a new flight model is coming soon and the radar systems look rather daunting. Either way, I cannot seem to be able to log into multiplayer. Any help would be great, thanks! (I am in NA Pacific timezone, native English speaker with some German and Russian speaking ability too)
  14. So wait, Steam version of DCS World can not support content purchased from Eagle Dynamics? Is ED planning on continuing to support Steam with further DLC in the future, I noticed the Dora and now the F-86 are available from ED but not on Steam. So if I chose to download DCS World independently of steam, can I transfer my Steam-purchased and installed FC3 onto my new DCS World? I would like to do this anyway just to help out ED, I do not mind if I spend a little more off of Steam just to make sure more of my money spent on modules makes it into ED's pocket rather than Steam's. Thanks!
  15. Will the Su-27 update be packaged with an Su-33 update as well or are they coming at separate times? I cannot imagine the Su-33 would require a tremendous amount of extra work, the majority of the work should translate fairly easily or with mostly small differences... Either way, I can wait, it will be worth the wait! :)
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