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  1. Are there any screenshots of the Buchon yet? Looking forward to her very much, I always liked the Buchon
  2. I would love to learn fly a helicopter, and I was always fascinated by the Mi 8. And as I have rudder pedals it would be perfect time now
  3. Yes the guy who built it up sold it to Hanger 10 unfortunately
  4. An now it is so far away in Germany and not anymore here in Austria:(
  5. Finaly made my first landing whitout tipping over with one wing Hard work whitout rudder peadals
  6. That part in the newsletter is about DCS World 2, meaning EDGE. Nothing WW2 specific
  7. You should switch the prop to auto before start
  8. In the 109 you have a handel on the left side of the cockpit above the trim and flap wheels to lock the tailwheel. You acctually see him using it
  9. In the cockpit of the K4 we are getting are two lamps labeled MG 151, to the right from the clock and to the left of the ammo counters.
  10. Here you can see it labeld "Ruhe", but it is not a K-4 but a G
  11. http://109lair.hobbyvista.com/techref/systems/control/slats/g10.slat2.jpg http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/15/Slat_of_Bf_109_G-6_2012-01-28.jpg
  12. Don't know about the AI but I feel that it doesn't eat your shoots like nothing anymore
  13. The only thing my updater in the DCS folder does is starting the launcher, tried it now about 10 times
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