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  1. This bug is still happening, but seems like it's even worse now. I had an instance where the boxes where continuously flashing in the sky just a moment ago, and was able to get a bunch of screenshots. They were appearing in a ring in the sky above me.
  2. Is this still a thing? The RAM air lever does not work in the pit? Is having it bound to an axis the only way to open the RAM air?
  3. I highly doubt a track file is going to show the same graphical artifacts. It's graphical artifacting after all. Playing 2D w/ TrackIR.
  4. When I'm flying around with clouds, sometimes strange black boxes will appear in the sky. I can't get a screenshot of it because they only appear for like a quarter second, but damn it's distracting. My specs: Ryzen 1700 @ 3.6ghz, Radeon RX 580 8gb, 32gbs RAM, Installed on SSD. I've found that lowering my GPU clock speed seems to reduce the frequency of them appearing, but does not outright eliminate them.
  5. CTLD for helicopter missions. It adds a ton of depth that vanilla DCS simply does not offer. From the ability to bring a large variety of troops into battle, all the way to sling loading supplies into AO so you can dynamically set up FARPs or resupply airbases. And it's all fairly intuitive. If essentially everything CTLD does could be included in the base game, that would be superb.
  6. You have to take the tanks off and put them back on if you are on the ground.
  7. It's probably something I am doing in that case. I'll try and figure it out.
  8. I'm on the latest open beta for what it's worth.
  9. Did something change with the FCS? In landing configuration, the Hornet behaves more like the Viper, now. I no longer need to trim for on-speed AoA at all... The only comparison I can draw is the Viper. It literally feels like it's using the Viper's FLCS logic. Is this intended, or a bug? Is anyone else experiencing this, or is it just me? EDIT: This seems like it's just me. I'm gonna repair my game and check all my binds
  10. Thanks so much BIGNEWY! You have no idea how happy I am to here that. Making them optional would be a huge step in the right direction! Keep up the great work!
  11. The baked in reflections inside the cockpit are absolutely gross. They only look correct when viewed at from the right angle, and even then they can still be washed out by the in game lighting and look absolutely atrocious. Almost as if they are translucent stickers on the glass... Example: https://streamable.com/ye41i These baked in reflections are present in every aircraft, and while I understand that it seems more realistic to have some sort of reflections on the glass surfaces, in practice it looks horrible. It obscures sight pictures, especially in aircraft like the SU-25T which has the green thingy reflected all over the HUD. I feel bad for newbies. I think I can speak on behalf of over 95% of the community and say that we would much rather see them removed from the game entirely. The new SSLR setting that is in the works could replace this dated baked in reflection nonsense and it would be optional. Please ED! This needs to be addressed and remedied.
  12. I'm seeing a noticeable loss in performance with the NVG lighting turned on in the cockpit. I was losing nearly 10-20% of my total FPS with it enabled... Can anyone else confirm/deny?
  13. 800m is minimum range for a vihkr and 2km is still well within standoff distance of any guided AA. Push your range out to 5-7km, 7km being the vihkrs maximum launch range. Make sure you are also turning the laser off whenever you don't need it. The ranging function tends to burn the laser out quicker, so try not to go crazy ranging everything.
  14. I use the slew sensor for speed scanning and I have my trim hat bound as the slew as well for when i need to be precise and lock something up.
  15. Thanks for all the help guys. I will make sure to take in this advice and employ it during my training.
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