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  1. Not on my Windows Enterprise system; there's no Saved Games folder ....
  2. Is it possible to use the 'safe' and the open beta game version side by side? If not, when you install open beta, or re-install the safe version again, will that include the whole downloading procedure again?
  3. former 2x? think you mean latter the 2nd time ..
  4. Couldn't find it again, might be my bad as i am still trying to get my warthog setup right as well ...
  5. Now that i get to know it a little better i appreciate all the options available. However it can be very confusing at times. I have not been able yet to set up a helicopter config to my liking yet. Still think IL2 Great Battles has the best editable controller system i saw so far. With DCS you have to adapt each plane new, even for different models of a similar plane like the Su25 and Su25T.
  6. Now i have to figure that out ... is there an AA button?
  7. The immortal function at least flunks ... see above.
  8. I think now it was a tough landing that broke the virtual mechanism. It aint fair, if you land the Su27 besides the runway the nosewheel stays working, but seemingly the other wheels do not. I should have bought a train or bus simulator instead of DCS:
  9. I have both on, but i would like to see large numbers on my 4k monitor as shown with Lcntrl-Y. the speed bar is not shown in arcade chase view, only in cockpit F1 view. But i will further explore this LoL BTW, i am a noob with DCS; is there any way to enlarge (zoom out) arcade chase view in DCS? You can in F2 view. Just found out that if your in cockpit HUD screen display is off, you turn it on with Rshift + L, battery on. In some s27 training missions it is off in air start, probably forgotten by the demo mission makers.
  10. Yep ... it is and was active, but does not do what i want, especially in arcade chase view. I would like at least ground- and or airspeed, height and compass displayed, either by an on off switch. A small map with your location and that of boogiemen eventually without the need for switching to F10 could be nice too .. I don't know if you're familiar with IL2 great battles, but that setup is perfect done there (see second pic). Even shows game speed when you want to shorten boring long flight time towards a next event. IL-2 GB arcade chase view:
  11. Aber welche billige ist OK fur hubschrauber wie den Huey? Hab jetzt ein WH set, joystick war wieder kaputt, konnte es doch wieder selbst reparieren mit normale soldierungen dies mal am basis teil.
  12. Game 2.7; it's not there but there is a "cockpit visual recom" in gameplay. Is that it?
  13. I have had the same problem with ALL the modules i have bought after installing a boot partition backup .... message: Failed to get authorization data. Error code is: 500 Using saved authorization fixed by a timezone reset ...
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