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  1. Well this thread is a goldmine for anyone contemplating a Throttle disassembly/repair...thank you so much. I just lost my LASTE panel button and 3-way with nowhere in Shanghai to go for fix, at least that I know of. This will make it quite simple for someone unfamiliar with it but with general electronic skills to replace. @DeadMeat...any other suggestions ??? Cheers,
  2. Anybody know of an authorized or respectable repair facility for Thrustmaster in China...maybe in Shanghai. Have 2 switches that suffered water damage on my throttle. 任何人都知道Thrustmaster在中国有一个授权或受人尊敬的维修设施......也许在上海。有2个开关在我的油门上遭受了水损坏。 Appreciate any suggestions,
  3. Any update on your throttle....this sounds like a conflict between throttle and Reverb G2
  4. Can you start a mission with YOURSELF (Player-Client) in an F/A-18 cold on the deck of a SuperCarrier while multiple AI aircraft (2) are in approach/landing. Then, after the AI are recovered/parked, you startup, taxi & launch from either waist or bow cats? I can set up the AIs and they do their thing, but as soon as I add a Client (myself) the deck is set to Launch exclusively (deck crew manning all cats), and the AIs just keep circling at 3,000ft. This all seems to occur automatically WITHOUT me initiating startup. Would it not be logical to have Recovery and Bow Cat(s) Launching at the same time? Is this a trigger thing possible in ME?
  5. I'm just trying to figure out what I need to do to get an airborne F/A-18 AI to land on the carrier WHILE I'm sitting on the deck cold. It appears the deck is set up for Launch and not allowing Recovery. Capt. AI just keeps flying around at 3,000ft. Is this a 'trigger' thing?
  6. @Dangerzone....sorry about delay responding but you've nailed down my problem...the COMS setup with VAICOM. This is where I need some help. I have a Thrustmaster Warthog Throttle but I really didn't set the COMS switches up correctly many wars ago. I also have VAICOM Pro with the relevant addon/mods for Chatter, Realistic ATC & Kneeboard. I want to separate COMS into 4 areas if this is possible-reasonable-logical; Forward - Radio#1, Back - Radio#2, Up-Ground Crew, Down - Internal Cockpit commands (Gear Up/Down, Launch Bar Up/Down, TakeOff Trim, & other lazy commands). Some of these Internal Cockpit Commands are needed since my Throttle has some rain damage!!! I honestly don't know how to set this up correctly....for at least the 2 Radios so if someone can walk an old man thru it I would greatly appreciate it. If the 2 images above are relevant to solving,fixing my problem please advise. Thanks,
  7. Interesting....and quite logical...glad to hear the view of the experienced. Most those USAF planes have such skinny legs, always worried about them on landings. Love those USN F/As, look like a squatting sumo wrestler I gotta go play with this now that my tracking under full brakes is so much better.....thanks to all!
  8. I am in awe of all of your observations, insights and suggestions along, with the speedy responses. Mimicking @rforce axis settings has effectively resolved the problems for both A-10C and CII. I did about dozen landings late last night (Shanghai Time) and she just settled down and tracked straight without incident.....much cleaner than my previous 'serpentine waggling' that was frustrated me. @ASAP...I'm still curious about the reasoning/logic behind NOT aerobraking as it does slow things down faster than the normal procedure. The only thing I can think of is it may impose greater stresses on the front steering assembly as it does come down a little harder when it finally falls. Thanks much to all of you, you're a credit to the community...!
  9. @rforce & @horstweihrauch.......I'll give that a try first, not sure where/why I have such a big deadzone...shows my ignorance of these settings in general. Calibration (TPR external shows normal) @ASAP....reasonable speed for NWS is below 50 as long as rudder can keep me relatively straight, which seem fine in regular flight. As for aerobraking, been doing that for a while as it does seem to slow me down effectively, especially on shorter runways. I figure those long wings along with speedbrakes (100%) do a good job of that while I raise the flaps to decrease any further positive lift after solid ground contact.... I hold the nose up until it just falls down. Then start applying brakes....holding off NWS until below 50. I'm never in danger of over running, just keeping left/right on the blacktop Do I need to go back to school here.... In any case, thanks to all of you and I DO appreciate further input...
  10. There's a thought but I really like the feel for the other 2 planes. I just don't quite understand the curvatures...might need to take a night class on that topic. Am I in the right range (in image) compared to your settings?
  11. I've had this problem with the A-10 C & C II for a while, the nosewheel steering and braking is insanely sensitive. Obviously it's manageable during normal taxi but almost veers off the runway on landings after slowing to reasonable speeds after aerobraking to under 100mph, especially braking. My other tricycle gear A/C (F/A-18 & F-16) have no problems; I can stomp on the brakes and they track perfectly straight coming to a slow roll & stop. If I assume it's my axis settings (where I'm a moron) could someone with normal steering/braking results post an image of their axis settings. I can't imagine this is typical of these pedals or system.
  12. @Dangerzone.....moving forward slowly...I did not have the ATC Extended but purchased and registered last night. See below. But I'm still at a loss for having no additional commands after Inbound. Is there a response in image below that gives a clue, especially 'Selected recipient is not a SuperCarrier unit' ? It's CVN71....
  13. @OLD CROW....no, I think believe the predicate is a 'weather' related value, just ATC. I started my MIZ with more serious Case III parameters then just whittled my way down by removing them piece by piece (darkness [time], rain, cloud formations, etc...) until it end as Case I. Then I noticed the Fog and started to play with that until I got it down to the present settings in my MIZ where it retained Case III. As another test I just created a new mission on Channel map with CVN72 and a single F/A-18, default weather at 10:00hrs. On the 'Inbound' call it was automatically set for Case I. When I then just added Fog (Visibility=10,000ft and Thickness=150ft) it immediately changed to Case III. As you can see from the image below, CVN72 is clearly visible from 21mi @ 5,700ft, so the parms for Case III seem to be pretty liberal. @Dangerzone...I'm still curious how you are able to get the additional ATC commands, I'm not able to do that on VAICOM..what am I doing wrong, or did you add some commands. null
  14. Have you tried my posted MIZ that Ramsey pointed to above, also available in DCS User file? Are you sure to enter the Link4 channel with 4 digits 'XXX:0 '? @Ramsay...I'm curious how you got the kneeboard to display all the data you show in pics above, did you edit it manually? I like that, quite effective and efficient.
  15. @Rudel_chw...Shanghai, CN is not a bandwidth friendly place....I've tried direct and VPN with no success. Maybe if I knew the country of origin on this source file I could dial that in better on VPN. I'll keep trying....any reason VNAO doesn't host this?
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