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  1. Yeah having the same problems, total joke!
  2. When can we expect some Introduction videos like they released for the F-18 i.e cold start up :)
  3. Please delete Ive found a older post
  4. I thought so, tried it and didnt work then tried again and it worked. Thanks anyway.
  5. How do you go about starting one or both engines in flight?
  6. I would love a Gripen in DCS! When I went to Fairford airshow last year this jet impressed me most! Awesome jet.
  7. Very Surprised I came 5th. I already have the NTTR map so Im more than happy to pass it onto 6th place. Cheers. :-)
  8. I just started the F-5 campaign and am I'm having trouble tuning one of the TACAN channels. When I fly to GARTH i cannot get a signal from LSV TACAN on 12x anyone else having a problem? Thanks.
  9. Ok I posted a while ago about my X55 profiles not working with DCS on windows 10. I still didn't get them to work so I thought I would program within DCS and I'm still having trouble. None of the keystrokes that I have added to the X55 work. I haven't flown for weeks Its driving me mad!!!!!!!! Any help would be appreciated.
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