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  1. Another completely disgusted user here. Why doesn't ED publish an official how-to guide on how to temporaly avoid all these issues? Maybe they've had, IDK.
  2. I have just tested it and it worked in 2.0 (latest version), with the ARAK rockets. The loaded stations are shown as 1, and after firing them they are all zeroes. I tested then using BK90 and it shows the 1's corectly, but they stay 1's after firing. So yes, it seems to be bugged. I got confused with the ARAK rockets functioning, sorry guys.
  3. Oh, you are right, my fault. I must have mixep it up with the Strela 10 or something :doh:
  4. Tunguska has IR missiles, you could have just looked it up on wikipedia. It has a radar though, to search for targets and to aim the radar guided AAA cannons. Flares should work against IR missiles, chaff and ECM (AAA mode) should work against the radar guided AAA. China hat fwd short will change the FOV of a Maverick if it is selected as SOI.
  5. I have just seen one SU25 throwing a guided A-G missile towards a blue air defense. Wasn't that supposed not to happen?
  6. Of course, we are talking just about network latency. If the server's CPU is overloaded, it cannot give a response in time to the clients and you will feel it as a network lag. It's like having a restaurant with 1 cooker for serving 100 clients. You can have 100 waiters if you want, but the delay in having the food on your plate won't be their fault.
  7. Sorry for the extensive OT, but I think this would be helpful to understand the issue. As a network engineer, I confirm this information is plainly wrong. Ping is just a kind of network packet, like a TCP or UDP packet (data segment is actually the proper name for a Layer 4 datagram, not packet, but it will do). Latency is the measurement of the time it takes to get that packet from your computer to the final destination computer. You can measure the latency for any kind of packet. But Ping are packets forged with the only purpose of network testing, they carry no useful end user payload. That's why Ping is usually used for network testing. From your computer to the destination computer, there can be many hops across other computers and routers, and each one adds a bit of latency. "Latency" is the aggregate time of all this hops. The first hop is from your computer to your router, so if you have a problem in your LAN, it would affect that aggregated latency time. Because of the close proximity, if everything is working OK, this hop never goes above 1 or 2ms. When having a high latency with a server, the problem can be in a hop in your internet service provider, in the server's service provider, or in any intermediate hop. Of course, latency isn't a fixed value, it changes over time depending on network congestion. The amount of variation in latency over time is called Jitter. You can measure a low latency, but if jitter is high, it will have peaks of high latency that are seen as sporadic stutter issues. Best regards
  8. Have a look at that mates https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=157374
  9. Mustang, could it be possible to name each individual release with a different version number? You make a very good job at updating the addon so frecuently, but it's very difficult to track the latest updated version without a version number.
  10. Just a bit off-topic, but can you tease us about future releases? I myself am a fan of the A-10 Qualifications, bought them when released as indie and bought them once again when released on ED.
  11. Any chance to buy it? Is there expected any re-release date?
  12. regiregi22

    NVG Mod

    It looks freaky awesome!!
  13. Then I think I will leave it as is, and enjoy the already beutiful work done. Thank you very much for your detailed response and the georgeous amount of work you have invested. :thumbup:
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