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  1. I think I will wait till we get a US Navy model.
  2. Yes I am. When I go to quick missions the A-4 is not there. Never mind! un-install and Re-install fixed it. Thanks!!
  3. Can I get someone to help me with this? Did i install it wrong? Saved games. User. DCS.Mods.Aircraft.
  4. All good! just played it and it looks stunning!! Thanks again for making it!
  5. I dont seem to have any misions other than the ones I made my self?
  6. Nothing worng with it. Just wasnt in the skins when I downloaded it and wasnt sure if it would work with the new download and didnt want to brake the new download by adding it. Now I just have to remember how to ad it to the A-4. LOL
  7. Thanks!! I will wait to install it till I hear back from you!
  8. Will this paint be added or can it stilll be used on this version? VX-5 https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315538/
  9. Will this Skin still work with the new MOD?
  10. Dude you ROCK!!! Thanks so much!!!
  11. I think its the navy meritorious unit commendation ribon Navy_Meritorious_Unit_Commendation_ribbon.svg
  12. Yes this is one of the planes I worked on in the Navy!!
  13. Can some one do this paint scheme for VX-5
  14. I worked on these. Had a pilot tell me that they were limited to 2 revolutions in aleron roll or they would not be able to recover from it.
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