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  1. USAF 64th Aggressor SQ - Splinter
  2. USAF 64th Aggressor SQ - Splinter
  3. Here is the current materials of the Pylons and fuel tank: (I used these material names at my last liverie and works fine)
  4. Ready for download :joystick: Download
  5. Ready for download. link added to the first post
  6. Polish AF 32.Blt 10th Tactical Sqn (Łask AB) #4062
  7. 422nd Test & Evaluation Squadron 'Green Bats' (Nellis AFB) Download
  8. After a few days of hard work. :joystick:
  9. Thank you guys! Today I updated the package -Corrected bort number color -"Green" weathering issue fixed -Fixed package name
  10. Jack

    Hellenic Vipers

    Excellent work as usual :thumbup:
  11. Download link added to the first post. Happy landings :joystick:
  12. After the Tiger i will make it ;)
  13. Polish AF Liveries 31.BLt 6th Squadron Download Tiger Meet 2015 #4042 AF standard 32.BLt 10th Squadron Download More skins coming soon..
  14. Finally! Thanks! Tapatalkkal küldve az én S40 eszközömről
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