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    Please, tell me if this is possible. Thanks.
  2. Wallkon


    Some people recommends to cover the micro usb connector with hot glue. I recommend you to use a "Panel Mount Type B to Micro USB" connector. I posted an image.
  3. Wallkon


    Hi, I would like to know: Is MMJoy compatible with ADS1115? If not, there exists a workaround to make it work? Thanks
  4. I guess to get those kind of certificates is not cheap, so if they begin to work on this, you must expect an increase in the price. I guess none of these small companies (WW, VKB, Virpil, etc.) have these kind of certificates.
  5. Wallkon


    I want to know also, please WW...
  6. Is it possible to use Target with Saitek/Logitech controls?
  7. Are you really sure? I was pretty sure this was not possible... Mmmhh may be not in the opposite way?
  8. Hi, If I understood correctly, discounts would last until May 27th 2020, but I don´t see them in DCS Shop, and in the shopping cart the discounts are not applied.
  9. What is VSN? I was searching for "VSN Simulation" in Google but I didn't find anything...
  10. Is release version? If I launch either 1.5.8 or 2.5 OB updater, I get this option. I guessed the updater would offer "release version" instead I am confused because now I guess this ( is the Alpha version after the release version, and I just want release version... I am sorry, but I have a metered connection and I don't want waste my gigas, so: Is release version? Thanks.
  11. Ok, I resolved it. I downloaded DCS 2.5 OB installer and it took around 80 GB from my current installation, and after that it downloaded around 16 GB from internet. I expect it could be useful for someone else.
  12. I have a metered connection so I need to know how many GB I have to download to install 2.5 if I have already installed 1.5.8 Release and 2.5 OA Release (in order to save some GB of files). Thanks in advance. Edit: I have NTTR installed, and it is the only one I need (and the default Caucasus, of course)
  13. Very interesting facts, I'll consider them in my next cpu upgrade. Thank you :thumbup:
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