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  1. Hello Tundra I did everything you told me but no joy and i also used the russian version of Gametrix control panel file and neither works.Thanks and have a nice day
  2. hi, That is so, the control knob never worked for me too .I tried every thing but it did not work
  3. Good Morning I did the test with on and off and the truth is that I did not see any difference in the number of fps, the image quality was good in both cases, my resolution is 4k on the monitor. It is not clear what benefits or harms, this is the reason for my first question. Thank you
  4. Good Morning GPU accelerated graphics in windows 10. Is it worth it for dcs world or better to disable it?. Thanks
  5. Hello I would like to know the opinion of the forum on which is the best AA configuration in the DCS settings panel. The following combinations are possible and the number of fps varies substantially for the same mission. For example with fps locked at 60 fps, monitor resolution 4k ,plane on the ground and with AA as follows: SSAA x1.5 and MSSA off approx 59fps. MSAA x2 and SSAA off approximately 52 fps. Image quality in both cases is very good . With SSAA x1.5 and MSAA x2 approximately 45 fps with better image quality than the previous two. With MSAA x4 and SSAA off approx 41 fps. But best image quality better than all previous combinations. I prefer the first one (SSAA x1.5 and MSSA off) although sometimes I would like to keep MSAA x4 and SSAA off since the image is perfect. What does the forum advise me? . Thanks
  6. hi Razor 18 Thank you very much for your clarification and I reiterate that I appreciate your quick response. What I see here is a problem to be able to make an approach with an A 10 C Warthog to an airport that does not have TACAN only one VOR or NDB available and that the plane does not have the green view of the hud or the multifunction screens (out of function damaged )and should only use radio, HSI. How would you approach the runway assigned by ATC? Thanks
  7. Good afternoon The question is not what navigation chart you use nor the difference between the vor and tacan as civil or military use. The question is whether an A 10 C Warthog aircraft can make an approach to the runway using the signal emission from a Vor considering the equipment that takes the A 10 C to navigate ?.That is radio, HSi, etc. In any case, thanks for your answer even if it does not solve my doubt. Greetings
  8. Good morning and a question Can I make an approach to an airport runway with the A 10 C warthog via VOR or is it not possible? Do I always need to have a TACAN available? I say this because in most of the approach charts there is no Tacan and there is Vor. Thanks for the advanced response
  9. good morning protea1 I don't have the palit 3070 Ti, but I do have an rtx 3070 Ti and I play DCS world at 45 to 80fps and most of the time at a solid 60fps. All settings are set to maximum and resolution to 4k. I play only just no multigames and I own several scenarios and have tried almost all of them including Syria and I'm happy with the result I hope that my experience will be of help to you. Regards
  10. Good afternoon Max and Sthopson, thank you very much for your invaluable help, I have done what you have indicated and now everything works perfectly. I repeat thank you very much because I have spent many hours fighting with the Vaicom installation without success until you have told me what I should do. Very grateful and regards
  11. Thanks very much MAX .I will test everything that you say.
  12. Indeed, if I connect an old removable disk with that path, it works. I have recently changed my hard disk and since then I have this problem. I have uninstalled and reinstalled DCS, voiceattack and vaicompro several times without success.I have not accents in my username
  13. Debug mode below: VAICOM PRO logfile Plugin version (release) License: PRO Executing automatic lua code installation. DCS World installation found: version 2.5 Using Registry entry for 2.5 Install path = C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World Saved Games folder = F:\Saved Gamesprueba\DCS Auto-install could not complete for DCS version 2.5 No se puede encontrar una parte de la ruta de acceso 'F:\Saved Gamesprueba\DCS\Scripts'. en System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath) en System.IO.Directory.InternalCreateDirectory(String fullPath, String path, Object dirSecurityObj, Boolean checkHost) en System.IO.Directory.InternalCreateDirectoryHelper(String path, Boolean checkHost) en VAICOM.FileManager.FileHandler.Lua.LuaFiles_Install(Boolean restore, Boolean forcequiet) DCS World version 2.5 OpenBeta not found. DCS World version STEAM not found. No DCS World installation was automatically detected on this machine. Use the plugin Configuration page to set a custom DCS install path. Checking VA profile. Initializing database tables... Done. Loading keywords database... Writing updates. Success. Loading F10 menu items... Success. Updating aliases.. Done. Adding 0 imported ATC aliases. Adding 0 imported menu commands. Building master keywords table... Success. Building kneeboard tables... Success. Building master labels table... Success. No new DCS modules to import. Startup finished. Ready for commands.
  14. Yes, I'm doing it, I running with release and standalone
  15. Good morning and I would appreciate help to solve a problem with vaicompro. I can't get it to work well since it doesn't detect any installation of DCS World on my computer and I can't make it see it using the page of the plugin Configuration of the path where DCS is installed manually .I have the latest version of VOICEATTACK, the latest version of Vaicon pro for DCS World and the stable version of DCS WORLD. Before it worked perfectly for me. Any help will be welcome tHANKS
  16. Good afternoon. I just bought a vive pro 2 headset to be able to play in virtual reality in DCS WORLD, after installing it I can't see anything in the viewfinder. After many adjustments I haven't been able to see anything, the viewfinder screen is gray although the game on the monitor does look good. I have a big question and I would appreciate it if someone could clarify it for me. Is it possible to play in virtual reality DCS WORLD with this headset without the base stations (sensors)? I only bought the headset but not the controls or the base stations. This system works in a similar way to TRACKir? infrared or similar and a receiving camera?.Then i will need buy a base station(sensor) ? Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me. Greetings NOTES: GPU NVIDIA 3070 TI I7 4790 K MEMORY RAM 24 Gb
  17. Excuse me Cfrag , although I do not want to argue, your comment about going back to the old days does not seem serious. Would you be comfortable watching black and white movies or 720p videos, paying for a NASA computer or a 4K tv ? I guess not. Well, this case is similar, I cannot spend thousands of euros on a gpu card and not enjoy my simulator unless I lower my expectations to low or very low, it depends on each machine. ED must certainly improve and optimize its software if it wants to continue in the circus.that is my opinion like customer
  18. Good morning ED A few days ago I had thought about buying a new module but I canceled the purchase due to a performance problem that prevents me from enjoying your magnificent simulator. The problem has two main causes, the first is that I cannot buy a graphics card powerful enough to be able to play your sim, there are no stocks and the prices are exaggeratedly high. And the other root cause is your simulator, each new update supposes a loss of performance. Perhaps from ED they should start to worry about this, since if there are no graphics cards available and the performance of the sim is every time worst. Who and for what Would you like to buy any new modules?. Think about this and improve your software and do not invest your resources in new modules that no one will buy because it will be impossible to play them satisfactorily. Thank you and I hope that my reflection will help you in your business. Goodbye
  19. demon72 You can make a link from driver C to D if you use the next one; you will save many space in driver C Transferring modules to another drive It often happens due to the large size of modules for DCS World, there is not enough free space on the drive to install new modules. If we have two or more drives installed on our system, we have the option to separately transfer large modules to another drive using symbolic links for folders in Windows. How to transfer a module to another drive using the example of the Caucasus map included in the free game DCS World: For example, the game is installed: D:\Games\DCS World (OpenBeta) and we additionally have drive E. 1. Create a folder on the E drive, for example DCS World Modules. 2. Transfer the Caucasus folder located: D:\Games\DCS World\Mods\terrains to drive E into the DCS World Modules folder. 3. We launch the command prompt (cmd) as administrator, for this we execute the command through the Start menu. Right-click - Start - Run: write cmd and click OK. 4. In the console window that appears, write the command: mklink /J "D:\Games\DCS World\Mods\terrains\Caucasus" "E:\DCS World Modules\Caucasus" 5. Check if a link to the Caucasus folder appears in the terrains folder.
  20. Thanks ICEMAKER, i will be waiting for it
  21. Hello for everyone Does anyone know anything about the new ARC -210 V/UHF Radio Panel for A 10 C II Tank Killer? .ED said something about this a long time ago. Thanks in advance
  22. Minsky Thanks very much for your fast answer. I will be waiting for it Bye
  23. Minsk good morning What happened to your mod of new textures for the cockpit of the A 10 C? Have you abandoned that project or have I missed something ?. If you can, tell me something. Goodbye
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