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  1. Do you have any function in the STAR CITIZEN's @NineLine  ?


    Sorry to bother.....o7


  2. i solved the problem by removing MB-339PAn, FRENCHPACKCORE and RAFALEPACK verxxxxxx from my \saved games\mods\aircraft and Tech folder.
  3. After Some solid reading , and a new keybinding setup, that's WAY BETTER. Excellent même ! Désolé pour le disturbing ! Thank you for this massive work !
  4. Here's there another sample of a situation when a CAN'T FIRE ANYTHING ? I don't understand anything ! Is there a problem with the infinite ammo setting ?
  5. TRUE ! I set screen resolution in cockpit at 1024 sync (instead of 512 low async) and put my RDI GAIN to full : It was way better ! Clear returns with multiple "mouettes " I have to practice more and more ! Thanks guys !
  6. Sorry @myHelljumper, nothing personal and you're the one i didn't want to hurt ! But the time a bogey stay on the screen is like a tenth of a second, so it's impossible to lock, say rather too hard. It's difficult to post a video to illustrate sadly. I will try harder....
  7. Hi ! From a approxymative state but still manageable, the last update make the RDR quite unusable: the trace are so short that it's impossible to lock anything ! I mean for a decent user like me who doesn't have a master in Doppler effects. The remanance is too short, i can't have a clear view of a basic AO, they disappear as they come ! Whatever my setting ! Really angry of this so called "progress". Plus on the VTB viewport there's a dark background too dark. The sad thing is that i'm positive about the fact that the DEV did their best and worked hard ! But a regular user can't play the M2K anymore. I'm now stuck in the mission 9 of the excellent @baltic_dragon's RED FLAG Just to say, i shouldn't be the only one !
  8. All is in the topic. Where can i find them ? I know they are huge. I know how to use Simlinks...; Thanks
  9. Salut tous, j'ai deux questions: - où se trouvent les maps ? -j'ai besoin de faire un peu de place sur mon SDD principal, coment faire ? je sais utiliser Simlink Merci !
  10. And one more there ! Brand new TM FA18 grip from Logitech website and button 15 and 16 have no return position. Compare to my A10 grip i think it's a bit step beyond in quality, those "cliky" switches aren"t good. I prefer the soft one from the A10. Return via RMA, i'm upset / waiting....
  11. Right, Thanks....Though, any idea why is the final "intruder" stucked at the end of the runway and the trigger is broken? i keep ending with a "expected landing of the intruder...." And then what? back to tarawa ? Thanks for quick answers !
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