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  1. It is indeed. Just added this myself. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3307071/
  2. Thank you so much Sunts.... thats mighty kind of you. I'll be sure to be on the lookout for it
  3. Hi all, I've been searching and have come across many posts regarding JTACs and priority targeting etc, but i'm battling to find the answer to my question. Can you get the standard non-scripted standard JTAC to lase certain units in a group and leave the rest? I have a group consisting of Armour, Infantry, buildings etc. All I want is the JTAC to designate the Armour. I've put hpriority and priority in the unit names, but It just seems to ignore that, and designates a vehicle without any priority in its unit name first (it's also is the unit furtherest away from the JTAC unit), once thats destroyed, It designates an Infantry man. My MAV E was a little bit of overkill for the latter :lol: Is there any solution to this or am I doing / understanding something wrong? Thanks JB
  4. Thats exactly what it is. I have to have a deadzone of at least 7 so the constant jitter doesn't effect my rudders in flight. It's a pain. Correct... deadzone will have zero effect on the raw input from the device. Thanks guys
  5. I was on this forum for an unrelated reason, and came across this thread. My screensaver hasn't worked since I upgraded to windows 10 in September. So after reading here, I unplugged my CH pedals, and low and behold....... the screensaver worked. I don't use edge, and I couldn't really find the USB power option. Does anyone have any other ideas? JB
  6. That was the problem. I found the setting, and now problem solved..... Thank you :thumbup:
  7. Hi guys... I tried searching for something on this topic, but i didn't even know how to say what i wanted to say..... so here's the scenario, and just 1 example of many TM Warthog throttle...... the levers are set to fuel cut off when the mission is loaded. The mission is from cold and dark. I find that when I start up.. the first action of moving the throttle out of detent doesn't do anything. It's like you have to wake it up first by moving the levers forward, and back again before you start the aircraft. The same happens with the flaps. you have to cycle the switch on the throttle first. ie it won't command the flaps on the first command after mission start. Anybody know if there is a way around this? thanks JB
  8. Hi all..... Same issues for me, except my loading times don't seem to have changed. The game just hangs on 'quit mission' or 'quit to DT' Tried a repair, but to no avail. No MODS.
  9. Hi guys Thanks for the advice. unfortunately a GPU upgrade is definitely not possible right now as well as a screen. So the question is now....... probably a really stupid one at that..... but... Would I get ANY benefit from buying a newer monitor, 27" or bigger 60hz in 16:9 and downgrading to 1080 instead of my current 1200? (16:10). J
  10. Hi all I've just done a hardware upgrade, MB, RAM, CPU and SSD's. I kept my old GTX980, and my screen. My screen is pretty old.... Circa 2012 or something like that. It's a syncmaster T260, and by my measurement a 25" screen. Its a 16:10 and I run DCS on 1920x1200 60FPS. It says on the frame, 5ms and 20000:1 dynamic contrast. None of this really makes sense to me. I understand the resolution and thats about it. I do have difficulty identifying ground targets without labels or smoke, even when I'm really close. Is this something a new screen could help with. Was thinking a 27" 1440p. Would my 980 be able to handle it? Do TN screens work well with DCS? Any other advice would be greatly appreciated J
  11. Hi guys. thanks very much for all the suggestions. At this stage, I'm just going to upgrade to SSD's, Windows 10, and double my RAM to 32GB. Just one question though........... With those changes listed above, will I need to De-activate my modules, and re-activate them after the upgrade? I do want to do a fresh install of DCS. Thanks in advance BW
  12. I was dreading this inevitable eventuality :cry: What is an acceptable R/W rate when I purchase a new SSD? I see there is quite a range, and obviously that impacts on price. See pic to see what my page file settings are. Windows and a couple of other programs are on the 250GB SSD ©. DCS is on the 1TB HDD (D). the SSD is 75% full, with 59GB free. I see my DCS folder is about 200GB. What do you mean by this? exempt the DCS program folder and the SAVED GAMES folder BW
  13. Ok rog that, but doesn't 12.5 minutes sound a little excessive? that's more than half a sitcom :megalol: Could you explain what that is and how I could check it? Thank you
  14. Hi all. I'm need some input / help as to why my system takes so long to load DCS. I have been away from DCS for close on a year, and never before remembered it taking so long. My system is as following... Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit, GeForce GTX 980 4GB DDR5, INTEL i7 4790K @4.0 GHz, 16GB DDR3 After I start my PC, it takes 02m26 to launch DCS from the time I double click the icon until the main page. If I then shut it down and re-start the game, it only takes 18secs to start. The worst is loading a flight for the first time after starting DCS. I take Instant Action / F/A-18C / Persian Gulf / Free flight...... That flight takes 12m25 to load. When I unpause there are no performance issues.... its smooth and responsive. If I exit the flight and reload the same situation without shutting down DCS, It only takes 26secs to start the flight. I have my Windows on a 250MB SSD, and everything else including DCS on and old 1TB HDD. That drive is approx 85% full. Could this be the problem? could I expect a major improvement on loading speeds if I move my DCS to a 500MB SSD? Is my HDD on its way out? Any input would be appreciated BW
  15. Looks like you're 100% right. I tested flying the Warthog on the same map and the callsigns did indeed work. Nice work ED...... I wasn't expecting that :lol::thumbup:
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