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  1. Heatblur have expressed intrest to, in their words, "continue the tomcat journey", and that might mean they will be making a late model B with new HUD and displays etc, or maybe a D. However nothing is certain or promised, they have only expressed interest in doing so.
  2. Would a real pilot really have the strength to pull full aft stick and accomplish 21 g's at that speed? If not then maybe heatblur should limit the amount of stick movement available to simulate a real pilots limitations.
  3. The meteorological winter begins on 1 December 2018 and will end on 28 February 2019. The astronomical winter begins on 21 December 2018 and ends on 20 March 2019. So depends on their definition :thumbup:
  4. Turkey i Believe mostly refers to the pre carrier launch flightcontrols check when Everything is flapping around like a turkey.
  5. If u look 3 posts above his last one he wrote: "F-14B with Sparrowhawk and PTID is unlikely. We'd rather spend that time on building an F-14D." So probably no.
  6. If u are trimmed correctly when adding power, the nose will raise by itself and there is no reason or need to pull on the stick. i/e Stick/trim for AoA and throttle for glideslope.
  7. As Always, its your choice to use it or not.
  8. addde


    They have already said that they will "continue their tomcat journey" and have kinda hinted that it maybe, possibly, probably will be either a late model B with all the toys or a D. So it cant be that scarse.
  9. Its not decelerating, it just stops accelerating. The reason you see some pilots heads snap forward is because they are trying to counteract the acceleration by pushing their head forward. So when the acceleration stops its their own muscles that snaps their head forward.
  10. Yea as per link 2 he wrote road to release in the next week or two. That was 12 Days ago, so hopefully sometime this week!
  11. So you're saying that it has a proximity fuze and doesnt have to score a direct hit? :O
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