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  1. Boy, I'm stupid! For some reason I equated the Caucasus with the Persian Gulf... Thanks mate :D
  2. Thank you! I'll try some A2A mission tomorrow. I'll wait and see how bad the spam is :P
  3. Thanks. I cannot really understand the issue either, all other missions show up fine.
  4. How do I do A2A missions? This seems like an amazing mission but I can only chose A2G missions, even in my F-15. Thanks.
  5. Into which folder do I install this .miz file? I tried the "C:\Users\User\Saved Games\DCS\Missions" path to no avail ("The Round Table" runs fine from the same path). Thanks.
  6. Regarding the "Eagle over Caucasus: V11.0.7 (Flaming Cliff version)" campaign. I installed it according to manual but in the F-15 folder (I do not own FC3 but both the F-15 and the Su-27). The campaign for the latter works fine but when trying to load Eagle over Caucaus the following error message pops up: "Warning: Need modules for load mission: USN-Deckcrew" How can I fix this, i. e. where can I get the required assets from (currently playing on the stable Steam release). Thank you!
  7. First of all, thank you very much for this update to the only released (not Early Access!) high fidelity modern aircraft in the game! May I ask what new capabilities the Mirage will - eventually - gain through this mid life upgrade? Thank you.
  8. Me! My current system cannot handle 2.5. I'll upgrade it and get the Tomcat then.
  9. Really looking forward to the updated MiG-29. One question: Do owners of the F-15C and Su-27 modules get a discount on Modern Air Combat (similar to FC3 owners)? Best, Brett
  10. Finally the MiG-29 in improved quality. I cannot wait for MAC now...
  11. Just to clarify: There will be a FC4!? And it will have four additional aircraft? Best, Brett
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