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  1. i think this should not look like this
  2. yes, yes and yes. also yes because the hotas-workflow is, compared to any other module, incredible good.
  3. yes. if you roll over a crater your gear will be damaged and you explode. also this
  4. because many swedish terms like Beredskap and Anflygning sound like a simplificated german version (Bereitschaft and Anflug) it wasn't a big deal for me to use the original languaged cockpit. and with of the m2000c i've learned the french terms for on, off, left and right :smartass:
  5. i think u changed the wrong links. the first is still the old 1.0 and the psd link now links to the new 1.01 livery.
  6. to have a more "used" look in detail, but 99,9% of the users will never look or even find these details. it's just a kinda weird personal preference of me. :laugh:
  7. hi, i would re-enable the old dirt-layer on _1 and move the dirt-layer on _2 on top of the livery, otherwise it looks too "painted". maybe also moving the "outer" letters on the tail a bit more inside cause they look like a bit close to the edge on. and unsharpen the bleeding edges a bit, for example like i shown on ex4. but so far i can say, you have done a really good job on this! :thumbup:
  8. 'rumours' just cause i've heard it from old (2017) postings. just don't take it literally, might the wrong word was chosen from me :angel:
  9. der Einsatzzweck der F16 wird ja eh, wenn dann mal fertig, von der F18 vollkommen ausgefüllt werden. Von daher, schlechte Roadmap ;)
  10. die Snapshotfunktion kannste ignorieren da sie weder damals noch heute irgendeine relevanz hat
  11. what about the rumours with the gazelle like "the crazy bugged flightmodel" etc.?
  12. don't forget ralfis edit of RAE https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/1459615/?sphrase_id=12257001
  13. because there contrast is bloomed away if something is selected like ALL on TAS or the 4/8 Stations on DSMS. how to handle this?
  14. still ctd or regular crashing dcs.log-20180707-192958.zip ctd.zip
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