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  1. Though Im something of a Syria knocker this stuff is excellent. Have they fixed the bug with the destroyed building all turning into destroyed tower blocks yet?
  2. I belive not. Perhaps add the ablity to group statics as a core wishlish item?
  3. Glad you sorted it - for reference the custom preset files are lcoated in your saved games/dcs or dcs OB/config/OptionsPresets folder whilst the "options.lua" file thats present in the config folder contains the current settings selected - if you ever find yourself in a similar position,editing the options.lua lines 65 (aspect = 1.7777777777778), 78 (height=1080) and 97 (Width =1920) in notepad + should get you back on track.
  4. Im 52 - an interview using a web accessable format is a "podcast" to me. These are two that stuck in my mind. There may be others. I dont pay much attention because, as i say above, they generally ramble on too much for my childlike attention span and diminishing time left in this planet.
  5. have you set your screen resolution options up correcty in the game and in the NV control panel? config file might be useful
  6. Given the Sidewinder is the "go to" option in a very limited field, isnt, by comparsion with other gear, prohibitively expensive or hard to get and is built like a Toyota Hilux (which cannot be said for much of the other stuff) I would have thought its use in the dev of helo and WW2 modules would/should be almost mandatory even if the unit itself is long out of production. Ive long since put mine away since it seems FFB has fallen out of favour with devs but that was a reluctant choice. Kudos to Fenrir for a well presented and thought out OP.
  7. Theres been a number of interviews and podcasts already - not sure what point another one would serve. RAZ's own social media has also probalby spoken about many of the points that would be raised. Most fan created QandAs tend to ramble on like a drunk on a park bench also. Probably better to reserve that time to fix the bugs and errors that invevitably will crop up. Small point but the use of "we" and "our" in the OP would be better served with an "I" and a "me".
  8. I just hopped in the SU25 to see how the clickable mod performed - wish I hadnt - made me realise how much I want a FF Sui25 and how much FC aircraft suck for me......:-( The clickable things works quite well but the lack of animaton of the switches on the module itself is still a turn off. I get the argument for costs etc but the complete lack of action and audiable feedback on many of the switches make the mod (and the modules with or without it) moot for me. The "other sim" animates stuff in its non clkicky pits amd sell some indivual "collector" modules for pretty much the same as DCS charges for its induvudual FC units. If the plan is for FC aircraft to evolve to MAC I hope for some improvment in this regard though I doubt ill see it. Not sure MAC is even going to see the light of day anytime soon.
  9. @schuremis bang on. Even if it could be done it would take too much dev time to produce believably. The ambition to model the more densely populated areas of Northern Europe resulted in a very unengaging, less than believable map and clunky map in the other ww2 sim. And that was despite some bold claims about intelligent tech being deployed populate it.
  10. Conversely FC is more aimed at the casual customer who may not have a lot of switches and buttons at hand. I stopped using the Su25 as I found having to keybind everything was a PITA.
  11. Step into the light my friend THIS is why I still play DCS despite everything else!
  12. Nothing specific- have you any mods in play?
  13. Agreed that some templates would be good. Be even better if the nav-av modules had suitable and consistent static models for stored aircraft (tarps, fod guards, chocks (chains are probably to much of an ask) in the first place and ED added a few more scenic items (towbars etc not to mention some crucial missing airframes)). Its all very ad-hoc at present but ED doesnt have all the control there. Im the meantime Im sure you will know about Redkites templates which are not as complicated to use as they may appear.
  14. Some vary in times. This is an older video now but it does a decent job getting you up to speed on most stuff (I think the SA5 is the only stock game one not on there) As with ANY historic and non ED tutorial there may be inaccuaries and things may have changed a little (or a lot - i havnt found that though) in the interim. ROUGE13s spreadsheet is useful and Caps explanations are strighforward and not unnecesarily involved for an overview. There are other videos which show how you can set up SAMs like the SA6 and SA11 in a daisy chain so the lauchers can be placed away from the search and tracking radars making for some nightmare scenarios (especially if you shorten the engangment ranges and use mulitple sites). The Skynet IADS script can also add layers of simple intelligence and complexity but for task specific missions in SP, its not really required. As an SP player the limitiation of what a truck can supply has never affected me. Fromn the mIz above I think I observed perhaps 3 or 4 complete restocks of 4 launchers before ending the session so its possibly not that limited! Equally Im not sure if the game takes into account the combined stcokpile of multiple trucks placed in the same location or not. Hope this helps
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