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  1. Thanks for the heads up, it's much improved.
  2. @BIGNEWY Sorry for the mention, but it's been awhile, I meant to take a bunch of screenies and get back to you, but I just don't have the time and I'd really like to address this. Whilst I appreciate there may be some things that are not addressable due to engine limitations, I don't believe that's the case for the majority of what I'm reporting (popping and color). I've dug into the files and tried to mess with them, but I'm also running out of time, suffice to say, I had made some major leaps with some small changes. The biggest issue I noted was that different trees have different LOD distances. So again I want a video here, and I'll try to make one quick, but just hop in the sim, go near a forest and adjust your forest detail slider in real-time. You'll see trees popping out of existence in what looks like a random pattern all over the place. Albeit, the bulk of it will happen in concentric rings around your aircraft like it should, not all of them do, and its that very issue that's causing the majority of eyesores to happen. The LODs should be a gradient going out from the player and all trees should be affected the same. Simply adjusting the trees LOD factor to be consistent amongst all of the tree types would go a long way to alleviating the popping in/out and immersion breaking affects. The shadows and what-not may be a engine limitation, but at least we can just turn those off and have a somewhat workaround. Edit: Ok I added a video, please have a look. If you watch it quickly, what you'll likely see is the trees changing gradually outward as they should as I adjust the slider. Now watch the video again, but focus on the trees at the very bottom of the screen, which are closest to the camera, under the options menu. You'll see a bunch of trees immediately change their LoD and they don't change along with the surrounding trees. It's those buggers that are causing the bulk of the drama with popping in/out.
  3. Yes, I'm aware they have many plans... until my great grandchildren witness some of the eventual outcomes, it works as I described. I heard that some units "slow down", I don't believe that applies to radar units i.e. SAMs like a BUK or S-300 from my JSOW-A type example which is what I was really on about.
  4. Not at all to be honest. This has been brought up 1000s of times here, but the real issue IMHO is how DCS models damage in general and specifically ground/naval units. A CBU-87/103/JSOW-A IRL would shred the hell out of the radar systems, pop tires, damage circuit boards, etc and render the unit useless. DCS only models damage to the armor. A JSOW-A's bomblets would do well to disable a SAM site IRL.. in DCS, each unit just has a number of hit points, not subsystems, and those hit points are based on explosive damage vs armor. A shaped charge warhead on say a hellfire, is the same deal... It might put a hole in the side of the tank and blow up inside. The critical systems... including the er, crew, would be done for, but the "tank" might be largely still in-tact. IRL no one cares if the tank is melted or a smoldering mess, just that it's out of the battle. I've seen a number of KIA tanks, and from the outside, you wouldn't know it was damaged. Wikipedia has a good pic: From a HEAT round. Pretty sure the driver is having a bad day, but from the other side of the vehicle, you wouldn't know it got hit. In DCS, this vehicle would be 95% alive and well. When engaging a tank, the idea shouldn't be to put so many GAU-8 rounds on it to the point its own mother wouldn't recognize it... a round or two to the engine block should suffice. Without power, she ain't gonna do much.
  5. 4 of them arrived this afternoon. I've quite happy with them. They could have used a little extra weight in the base, but they certainly do the trick and feel robust. I've overloaded the AMPCD one to handle the AN/ALR-67 just below it and setup the left one to handle most UFC functions as well with the paddle on the stick help down. Quick Q... I can adjust the brightness through control panel or the button 14/15 combo, but how does one control the brightness of them through the cockpit dials. Do I need target installed for that or is there another way? Thanks.
  6. Dude, please, read my post. That is a link to a post filled with community videos to fill the massive gap HB left. My post was to thank the community for those very videos he's linking to... smh
  7. Perhaps, but I'll take the possibly hidden 78 videos over the 3 HB provided
  8. Really? I have the 18 and Wags puts out a video every time they adjust a rivet, not sure what you're on about. Heatblur has a total of 3 videos on your YT channel for training: Ep 1 Overview Ep 2 Cockpit Ep 3 Cold and Dark There are 78 Hornet vids on Wags and ED site. You're comparing the two? Unreal. I will certainly check it out, thanks. Funny I just sent someone his 18 guide and never thought to get a 14 one for myself
  9. @twistking It's already there mate, on A-10C II.
  10. Open desktop or applications like discord inside VR, mute microphone, and usual steam overlay stuff. Reasonable demo:https://www.roadtovr.com/steamvr-beta-update-virtual-desktop-window-view-controller-attach/
  11. In case anyone experiences this in the future, this was a side effect of having: options.graphics.stereo_mode_use_shared_parser = true in autoexec.cfg Cheers
  12. I have to say, my biggest complaint has always been with trees, and yet I can't find any relevant posts about them, I mean as a bug, so either my config is messed up, or I'm sincerely alone in this department. Trees are popping in and out of existence, their shading and coloring are changing as I shake my head, and they spin about and grow/shrink around me, especially at low level. This isn't some mild cosmetics here, just moving my head left and right the coloring and shadows are zipping in and out of reality. Here's a vid showing the trees appearing and disappearing, maybe helps to watch at 0.5 speed. Here's a vid showcasing the shadows going crazy while just slowly panning my head and while flying at low level. It's over the top annoying, especially in VR but still quite disruptive in pancake. Is this a bug, a problem with my config or is this how they are intended to be. Note: Recorded with better trees from taz1004 but I've tested and identical outcome without the mod installed.
  13. Ok I managed to source 2 of these (4 total), looking forward to it. Says about 4-7 days. The shipping was $30. There was a second option to get them in 7-10 days for $120. Yup, 4x money to wait longer. 28 buttons of goodness, I imagine even planes that don't have MFDs these are really handy. With 4 I might be able to map every circuit breaker in the Mi-8 haha. Thanks for all the tips everyone, I guess a trackball is the next buy. This only happens with "Use Mouse" enabled. If you disable it, the blue cross remains smack in the middle of your face for the entire session, that was my primary complaint. Moving your face is moving the mouse so it stays there forever. If it wasn't for that, I'd use the face mouse. The voice attack profile I posted above has proven to solve the issue and basically turns use mouse into a face mouse with even more comfort because it's offset.
  14. My trees aren't shimmering, they're spinning and popping in and out of existence like crazy Guess you didn't watch the vid . I have 2xMSAA, the shimmering on the powerlines and buildings is tolerable, but apparent.
  15. Not sure what it said before, I do recall it saying you don't suggest it, but +1, it's clear as day now. Seriously, mega knock on wood here, I'm reluctant to say anything but... I just flew a session, in MP, crashed my plane numerous times, opened discord using steam and placed it where my AMPCD should be. Had a YouTube video opened at the same time inside VR using steam overlay for a tutorial and, um, 45 FPS 100% motion smoothing and the game didn't crash once. It used to crash when switching aircraft or just accidentally opening the steam dashboard and now I have 2 steam overlays running in my VR environment with discord bound to my wrist and it's flawless. Not sure if it was a DCS update, or steam is finally getting their sh*t together (running non-beta of both BTW). The only real issue I'm having right now is some shimmering powerline towers, buildings and trees, what the hell is up with these trees??? Have I missed a setting or are the trees just broken? Edit: Try watching at .5 speed.
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