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  1. Seems like it consumes quite a bit less fuel and climbs quite a bit better than before
  2. Yeah upon further investigation today it might have been something lag/warp induced
  3. With the new patch its much easier to find targets as long as you fly level. But if you pitch up targets dont show or disappear even tho they should still be in the TDC scan range
  4. In Nav mode IFF wont get boxed but is still aktiv since its returning contacts as friendly instead of unknown
  5. Woked fine for me after dropping rockets as well as GBU12s...also remeber it working yesterday after SD10s
  6. Should be an easy fix...seems like the trim up and down binds are inverted for whatever reason
  7. The Zoom in the tops works only when bound to the T6 axis not when bound to sensor up/down
  8. Hesgad


    Block 3 yes but not used by pakistan at the moment. Last thing we heard was it might be added if Pakistan starts using it
  9. Currently the Antenna seems to be axis only can we please get it as keys? Simply got no axis left I could bind it to *edited* solution: #3 and #4 post
  10. Yep bombs seem to create far too much drag barely able to hold her level without the AB
  11. havin the same issue some times the first bomb hits on last bomb marker or even further out
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