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  1. I have Pimax 8kx and I am having a very bad time with edges on the rivers, sea, etc.. and the clouds on the distant even with Anti-alising at 4x and clouds to extreme. Does anybody manage to fix this? It is very distracting.
  2. I have Pimax 5k and I had the same problem... I fixed it installing oculus drivers.... YES... oculus drivers.. Just install the software. No hardware setups as you don't have an Oculus plugged (I imagine). So go to oculus and install it... it worked for me. You see an increase of fps but not that crazy... but at least the menus and loading screens work much better. Good luck!
  3. It is just me or they broke the AI wingman on the black shark. They don´t do any order I send. Before was BAD but know it is ridiculous. Stop selling new modules and fix the ones are already out please... Very frustrating,,,,
  4. I wonder how you guys fly DCS... I meant... ED didn´t update the stable version for AGES!!! Everything new goes to the Open Beta and people with the only stable version stay behind. So... What do you fly everyday, the openbeta o the stable version? What do you use the most?
  5. Hi, After the Rift "S" specifications disappointment I am planning to buy a Pimax 5K intead. - I have a RTX 2080 (no TI) do you think I can run DCS with this card? - Is the LCD black levels so bad in Pimax 5K? At the moment I got a Rift.
  6. They really need to work on those ugly clouds... Many times are very distracting and fake! I know it is not easy but IL2 now are doing a much better job IMO.
  7. I don't know why but if you change your shadows to "FLAT ONLY" you can see scratches in the canopy when you look at the sun and I think they look cool but then the shadows in the cockpit don't look that cool. If you change shadows to LOW,MEDIUM or HIGH then the scratches disappear. Is there a way to keep the shadows and the scratches together? I have the option dirt+flare in ON and it is not working if I change shadows to LOW, MEDIUM or HIGH. I tested in two machines and the same problem.
  8. Not sure but... I see the new 2.5 map very bad.... I have never seen fluorescent green trees or grass can damage your eyes because is too green, everything looks like a golf course... YES, trees are many and many trees but what about the rest of the map. Areas with fields are boring and made out ... a plotter or CNC or laser cut? Transitions from grass to any other type of terrain are very bad... The ground of the cities are very bad too.. from high altitude it looks very bad. And yes... 99% of the time I am inside of the cockpit so for me the environment is very important. IL2 BOS looks 10 times much better in my opinion than 2.5... Sorry but very disappointed..
  9. Hi, I am doing some tutorials and I see there are not highlight buttons of the tutorial voice so it is impossible to make a tutorial in vr as you don't know where the instructor is pointing in. If you play without vr you can see the highlight switches working well. Anyway of fixing this please????
  10. GUYS.... I don't know..... I got the rift and I tried all the demos and all they are AMAZING... but DCS world is the best I have never try in my life...absolutely speechless.... Yes of course the resolution, yes, but I change that for the immersion you get. Everything is bloody real and amazing and amazing.... I can't imagine this just next year. Looking forward to that :)))) Sorry but never go back to flat screen again. My best buy since 3DFX cards in 90's .. lol Let's hope version 2.5 make the experience even more amazing than it is now.... I wish BMS would go for VR too.... it would be nice too
  11. Hi, I wonder if it would be very hard to implement Leap Motion into DCS.... it would be very awesome!!!! https://developer.leapmotion.com/orion Thanks...
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