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  1. i was about to say the same, also the sea cuts to ground suddenly something you will notice if you fly high near calais
  2. Well this is the western europe wishlist, i was more about german flak units that didnt shoot b17 formations while engaged by the luftwaffe and that shor of thing.
  3. It would be nice that AAA stopped shooting when they detected friendlies around the enemy aircraft , as far as i know this was the doctrine so they didnt shot down allies.
  4. Good news, im not an expert but maybe it should be like in this video?
  5. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5cdr749vfm2gxao/Spitfire%20Campaign%2001-20191020-174033.trk?dl=0 Theres a track where it happened
  6. yes i have some track where it happens, is it possible to attach it to a post or i have to share a link?
  7. So i found that pitot heat will stop working at some point at more or less one our from it getting activated, it didnt matter if i activated it at height or before take off it will stop working and vario, altimeter and speed indicator will freeze until i have descended.
  8. yes its only a bit up and left in the image i posted you can see they go straight, you can try it and see the difference
  9. So tinkering i fixed the missalingment of the revi gunsight so if you want to try it you should go to: C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Mods\aircraft\FW-190A8\Cockpit\Scripts\Gunsight_REVI_16B\Indicator open the: PilotSight_page and change this lines reticle.material = "INDICATION_REVI_16B" reticle.tex_coords = {{0,0}, {1,0}, {1,1}, {0,1}} to reticle.material = "INDICATION_REVI_16B" reticle.tex_coords = {{0,0}, {44/42,0}, {44/42,44/42}, {0,44/42}} %5Bimg%5Dhttps%3A//i.imgur.com/B5sW3ZM.png[/img] Note this is not a proper fix, since the auxiliary sight is still missaligned.
  10. Event: 1v1 Squadron Name: N/A Teamspeak/Discord: Mosler#4339 Contact person: Mosler Aircraft Selection. F-18 Pilots: Spain - Mosler
  11. Can i get team switch from red to blue pls, callsign: LF - Mosler thanks in advance.
  12. K-4 video contest Here´s mine, hope you like it.
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