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  1. Title says it all. The SA2 in game will launch before you enter the engagement bubble displayed on the 18's SA page... and has no trouble hitting outside the bubble either. Either the range is wrong or the bubble is wrong. Tacview shows it able to hit outside the bubble as well fairly easily.
  2. Gotcha. Well, if anyone has documents that state the Hornet should perform as it does, I would really like to see them. Just send me a PM please!
  3. That wasn't a real world document. I guess, since you consider it real, that it is accurate, and that the FM is, indeed, wrong. Anyway, I guess if you want my source, PM me. And if you have charts I should see, send them to me.
  4. Before I say anything, I'm a Hornet pilot mainly. Did some testing tonight, at 10,000 ASL, x2 AIM 9s and x2 AIM 7s, 60% internal fuel. It sustained 14.7 degrees per second at around mach 0.8, and around 7G. According to all charts I can find (which, granted, aren't the real charts, but one I used is supposedly BASED on the real charts) it should do just over 13 degrees per second. ED, you don't have to artificially inflate the performance of the jet to sell it. Please, please give us the correct performance. Going by the Viper's real charts it shouldn't be out rated by a Hornet in this scenario.
  5. Title pretty much says it. It’s been like two weeks now, and it’s still a roll of the dice as to if I will have a hard freeze or not when I hit fly. It’s getting old, and I’m in a large group so rolling back isn’t an option. Should we expect a long broken jet or is this getting fixed soon?
  6. Thanks, I'll try it. Diving from 25k to sea level seems to trash it, but I'll try the auto adjustment.
  7. Every time I've gotten into a good dive I end up overspeeding the engine. I pull the RPM level back but in the dive it seems like it still just forces the prop over the redline. What am I doing wrong? (prop settings are on auto).
  8. Where does the 47 perform better than the K4 and D9? I’m having trouble finding information on those two German planes as far as turn performance and altitude performance. From what I could find, it sounds like the D9 can maintain power up at high altitudes (can it do so as well as the 47 can?) and I have no idea about the K4’s altitude performance. Anyone have any idea?
  9. What prop did they give us? Paddle-blade or thin?
  10. D40, auto rudder off, warthog hotas. I’m not hamfisting it. I can settle the pipper on a target that’s flying straight, let go of the stick, and the plane wobbles around to the point that I can’t get a tracking shot.
  11. Why does the nose wobble so badly in this thing? I understand at high AOA it is supposed to, but I can't shoot down a plane flying straight because the nose just wobbles back and forth CONSTANTLY. I'm not going too slow. 200 knots. I've tried it all all speeds. It's trimmed out. None of the other WW2 birds do this. I've never seen it do it in gun cam footage in real jugs. What's going on with it?
  12. @IronMikeEdit 2: We've tested it quite a bit. We all removed ALL mods, repaired DCS, let it rebuild the Saved Games folder, rebuilt shaders... still happens. I will note that in 2D it is HARD to make it happen, but it did happen once for us (out of around 100 tries). In VR it happens MUCH more, around 50% of the time. All of us tomcat pilots in the wing. Different headsets, different computers, it's consistently happening around half the time. It seems to happen most often when we are in the jet, go back to spectators, hop back in the same jet, and try to spawn. That'll often cause the freeze. The game stops where it is and a steam VR window will appear saying it's waiting on DCS. It just sits there until you force the game to shut down. Generally the first spawn in will be fine, it's the spawns after (although it does happen sometimes on the first try). Hope you guys figure out what the deal is... Tomcat is broken enough that we can't use it in our wing stuff (and we're VERY active... doing stuff every night). Happens on both air starts and ground starts, both the A and B model. Tried on multiple servers.
  13. Tonight a bunch of guys from the wing (vCSG-3) had our Friday Night Fight... All the Tomcats (A and B) would freeze on spawn around ~50% of the time, requiring a hard restart to fix. I flew maybe 8 times, had the freeze 3 times. Others had more freezes with similar amounts of flights. Seems intermittent. This is on Caucuses, just an empty map with maybe 20 jets total spawnable, no more than 2 in the air at a time. RIOs would randomly freeze as well when the jet spawned. Edit: We have NO mods that affect the Tomcat.
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