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  1. I bought it after the pre-order window and used bonus points to reduce the price down to €55. I buy a lot of modules... But I would've paid €100 gladly if they asked me to, because looking at the Hornet I know they'll deliver. I also know that it won't be more expensive 1 year from now. There comes a point where "constructive criticism" stops being constructive. The Viper is ED's most important module from a mass appeal standpoint, and they know it. Everything's that's missing right now is on their to-do list. They've stated they are working on them as fast as they can. Don't ask them to work faster than they can while simultaneously expecting them to keep the highest standards in the simulation industry. They are not Ubisoft with thousands of employees. When you only focus on what's missing, it's easy to lose appreciation for what they've accomplished: The F16C is in DCS, and it's being developed by ED. And it's flyable. I don't know about you, but I'm an aviation enthousiast and Viper fan not because I'm in love with bombing or AMRAAMs but because I love the act of flying. It flies, it flies well, it might fly even better in the future, and everything else is just extra to me.
  2. The real life one seems horizontally stretched. Are we sure this is exactly how it would be projected in the real one?
  3. Scenario 1 ED releases TWS for Hornet first. Viper owners: the Viper needs more features! so unfinished! buyer's remorse! Scenario 2 ED releases TWS for Viper first. Hornet owners: TWS was the most important feature missing from the Hornet! so unfinished! buyer's remorse! Scenario 3 ED releases TWS for both modules at the same time. Viper owners: why did you hold back TWS when it was easier to implement for Viper than for Hornet? is Hornet getting special treatment? Hornet: why did it only take a few weeks to develop TWS for Viper when it tooks years for Hornet? is Viper getting special treatment? The only winning move is not to play
  4. Notice how in free-flight mode, he never went up to 9G and only momentarily up to 8G. Even though he proved he can do 9G just moment before, when he himself is in control he doesn't seek it out. Everyone's taking this video as justification for upping the sustained G-tolerance for the "average DCS pilot", instead of acknowledging it as an extraordinary accomplishment that should not be extrapolated to all fighter pilots.
  5. I can't see the original post image but I'm voting for this one
  6. Wow that's a really well-made video. I like how you confront ILya on VKB's focus on more buttons over FFB. Let's hope something comes from this. But, I remember my Logitech 3D Pro joystick with FFB. After a few years the stick started to vibrate in neutral position, even I wasn't using it, and soon after the FFB mechanism broke. I bet that many joystick and HOTAS engineers have decided the FFB system introduces too high risk for joystick breakage. After all, with FFB you're applying more force on the stick than you would without FFB. More input force + more breakable parts = more broken joysticks
  7. Anyone have experience playing DCS on a Ryzen CPU? Specifically from the 3000 series. I need a new CPU (and system) and I was looking towards Ryzen because I don't want to support intel anymore, but I only really use computers for gaming. From what I've read DCS (and also literally all other games) prefers core speed over multiple cores and threads. AMD seems more consumer friendly, and they're cheaper and more value for the money, but what's the point of getting Ryzen if most developers optimize for intel instead?
  8. I'm also experiencing quite a deadzone with a desk-mounted TM Warthog without extension. I guess I'll have to play around with the curves like demonstrated by OP.
  9. Don't turn the volume down, because you'll also lose the audio from the auditory warnings. Just set the COMM 1 and COMM 2 mode knobs to SQL (squelch). I'm pretty sure this isn't even a bug. The official F16C/D checklist states that it should be set to SQL during the cockpit interior check, before the start-up. I guess what ED could do is either set it on SQL by default, or include it in the start-up checklist.
  10. I just hit the stopwatch in the cockpit.
  11. Man I'm looking forward to slowly learning the Viper with a drip feed of new features and improvements released over the next few years. From a student standpoint it's so much better just sticking to the basics until they've been mastered before even touching advanced concepts such as laser-guided bombing, ground radar, TGP, etc. My only criticism so far is the absence of a landing training mission. Start-up, taxi, take off... Fly forever?? In any case, great work ED!
  12. I've been holding off on the Viper because the last module I bought from Heatblur is unplayable for me for performance reasons (because my hardware is pretty dated). What module would you compare this one to, in term of performance? Is it closer to Tomcat, closer to Viggen, or closer to Hornet? My specs: i5 2500k @ 3.3 GHz 16Gb RAM GeForce GTX 970 Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500Gb
  13. About 20 years ago, my parents gave me this as I was recovering in the hospital from a broken wrist. I was about 10 at the time, so I've been in love with the Viper ever since I was a little boy. :pilotfly: This and MSFS98 are what made me want to become a pilot. This better be good, ED! Exact 3 jaar geleden heb ik u verloren. Vaarwel, papa.
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