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    Apache: Air Assault, Dirt Rally, Elite Dangerous, DCS
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    As long as Nineshit is community bully, I will not spend a dime on this game anymore.
  1. The only reason I do not remove this mission is to prove I am the good guy and Nineline is the bad guy.
  2. Thank you for your kind words.
  3. I have deleted the missions, because I will not support this game with free content. The reason is removal of postings here, but of course the prove is removed. so people calling me a liar is no problem to the moderators. That's the world we live in. Maybe freedom of speech doesn't mean a lot to people who are not used to it, but to me it means a lot. Edit: And now they have removed the whole thread. The sheer arrogance...
  4. Mission Ploughman of Arabia (Gazelle , Persian Gulf Map) Have fun :pilotfly:
  5. Black Ploughman Goes To Church (Gazelle , Normandy Map) Have fun :pilotfly:
  6. I wonder if I did recognize the voice of a German youtuber who did a lot of video's on elite dangerous...
  7. I can only hope it is something for the Gazelle, because there is way too little content for this.
  8. That's not a skin, that's a real helicopter! :pilotfly:
  9. Yeah, but I had to steal a little from the Kitty, so I'm not sure if I can put it online.
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