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  1. Flit

    I was weak

    I noticed that you used the word 'belong', as opposed to something like 'am' or 'believe'. I think my theory still stands.
  2. Flit

    I was weak

    There's nothing wrong with preferring one sim to another or one kind of simming to another. However, perhaps one might prefer different things on different days. I have 3 sims on my PC that coexist nicely. Each has its' strengths and weaknesses. There's certainly a lot more to civil simming than watching the scenery go by. MSFS20 is in it's infancy. Give it a chance to stand up. So, I think some might enrich one's simming experience with a different simming flavour. Flight sims are products, much like your favourite beverages, or fishing rods (plural) or cars, if you are rolling in it. You might choose to use a different product depending on how you feel. Flight sims are not political parties, or religions.
  3. +1 for walkability I'd like an option to spawn a short distance from my aircraft on foot. For some, including me, that's part of the simulation that is missing. Considering that presently one can eject and then and walk around the place, albeit slowly, I don't see why it would take too much effort to implement walkability as a prefix to flight. The internal walking passages of an aircraft carrier might be a bit too much to hope for though.
  4. I too have experienced this moving 'ghost trajectory' of the SHKVAL target. It makes perfect sense that it would do that after one has been previously tracking a moving target (air or ground) and then to move to a stationary target. But when the MOV GRD TGT is checked off ...then I am out of ideas why it continues to try and track a moving target. I end up playing a little mini game of trying to have the target box cross over the target and lock it as it passes, which is tricky sometimes, and annoying. But a new lock seems to erase the problem and it doesn't reoccur as it has a new memory and the old ghost is then forgotten. I would expect the target cursor to stop flying across the Targeting Display Screen when the MOV GRD TGT is switched off. Can someone clarify if this is assumption is correct please? I have only recently returned to the Ka-50 and I assumed just half an hour ago when I was flying that it was my error, which it could be. But either way; I experienced this issue with the original standalone Black Shark several years ago.
  5. This bug is annoying as hell. Pressing 'u' flings me into the sea, or on top of the parked planes on deck.
  6. Yes that other love movie irritated me too. I tell people about why it irritated me - people outside these sort of circles here - and they just don't understand. And agreed, Midway was better than it, much better. I'll rate Midway as follows: Subject interest, eye candy and I love planes n stuff: 9.5/10 A movie compared to all others: 7/10
  7. I saw it today. In a nutshell... 1. A lot of gritting teeth and unrealistic CGI action shots. (Do movie CGI air combat scenes annoy you too? I guess because I have read about, studied and simmed air combat, that I am more critical than most. Not necessarily learned.) 2. Some good historical inclusions, but I think it lacked in this department and gave way too much to point 1 and endless explosions and swarms of planes all squashed into the frame. I suppose I did like it. It's still worth a watch.
  8. Thanks David. I tried that process ...and it may have helped. I ended up spending some more time with the the Skate Zilla updater ... and that seems to have allowed an update. However, the result is very fragile software and CTD after a minute or so. I read this is common and I guess I'll await another patch. EDIT: Actually, it's fine. Thanks for suggestions. Appreciated.
  9. I've now tried Skate Zilla's launcher. It looks good. Unfortunately after setup it says: "The installed version is up to date." So that didn't help the issue. Thanks anyway hornblower793.
  10. Hi I can't seem to get my standalone 2.5.5 to update to 2.5.6 I've tried command prompt as in this tutorial https://www.google.com/search?q=how+to+update+dcs+standalone&oq=how+to+update+dcs+standalone&aqs=chrome..69i57.8791j1j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#kpvalbx=_uGRLXvb0ENLgrQG7365Y23 But that only resulted in a message that said my DCS was up to date. Help appreciated. Many thanks.
  11. Perhaps I'm a bit odd, but does anybody else crave a large multi engine military transport aircraft? An-12 C-130 or even a Beverley I suppose a jet powered transport would be alright if props not desirable. I just have a thing for the cold war era. I realise other sims do this kind of aircraft. I'd love to see one in DCS though.
  12. Well, I think that was it. Devrim, and everybody else, thank you. I believe the issue for me was exactly as Devrim suggested: I was in Central Trimming Mode and I have now changed this to Default Trimming Mode. It was an ignorant choice of options on my part lol. I'm not sure exactly what Central Trimming Mode was doing to me, but the change to Default mode is quite amazing. The Ka-50 does what I tell it to now - no more witchcraft.
  13. I can't bring myself to throw it away. It lies in a dark corner with a few other CDROM relics.
  14. Just to clarify, I had given it a slight bank to the right, trimmed it, it kept rolling over more than I felt I'd banked it, I tried correcting it by moving stick to the left and re-trimming, there was no response at all to the corrections, it kept right rolling me into my grave. The problem occurs for me when I go into a turning bank after releasing auto hover, it's as if it exaggerates my input and ignores any attempted corrections. I could fly straight ahead across the whole map with no problem, as you did. I am interested in your comment above. But, I don't understand. What is it you think I am doing?
  15. Is it possible I could have a control input issue consistently at this point of flight. Auto hover off = control input issue? I'm not saying I disagree with you, I just can't fathom how it would only become apparent at this very exact point of the flight. And if it is functioning as it should the rest of the time, how do i see i have a problem? Edit add: I shall tinker. I wondered if it possible the mission has corrupted. Anyway, I shall check everything. Thanks for your time gents.
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