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  1. that sounds like an "improvement" that virtual submariners can take comfort in
  2. Just needed a second set of eyes, I guess I'm sure there's blu110/111 documentation that may discuss further
  3. Maybe this source can help you on three bands? Chapter 9: aircraft ordnance I found this diagram in it:
  4. *SA-342 Gazelle development update – Feb 2022 * Specific updates to the DCS SA-342L Variant The Gazelle L version, currently equipped with the GIAT M261 20mm cannon and Telson 8 68mm rocket pod will see a number of significant updates in the next few months to make this platform more versatile and useful in the DCS ecosystem. Some of the updates will be aesthetical while others will expand its capabilities. In the past months we have started work on making the L’s weapon pylons modular. This means you are no longer forced to carry the Telson 8 launcher and the GIAT as your standard loadout. Instead, you will be free to choose to fly without weapons attached or from an expanded number of armament options in the loadout screen or the rearm menu. Going with the mentioned modularity might just open the door to merging a number of DCS SA-342 variants of which there are currently 4. While working on the modularity update, we are also investigating improvements in regards to multicrew. Work on this is still very much in progress and will not yet be available in the next DCS update. Work has been completed on an option to take the doors of the SA-342L off, which besides being aesthetically pleasing, gives you an unprecedented outside view. Taking the doors off (and putting them back on) can be done through either a mission editor option or through the ground crew menu while on a mission. This feature is ready to be released in the upcoming patch. Nonspecific SA-342 variant updates By popular demand we have also finished the implementation of the purely aesthetic dipole antennas that can, again, be attached or detached from the armament screen in the mission editor as well as in the rearm menu while on a mission and are thus completely optional. The dipole antennas are iconic for the UK’s Westland Gazelle’s. The new FLIR camera shader has been implemented for the Viviane targeting camera and the first batch of high-quality community liveries have been integrated. The first batch includes liveries for Cyprus, The Netherlands, France and Portugal. Bug fixes this round include, among other things, a long overdue fix for a bug that caused the Gazelle to disappear completely when killed in multiplayer, not rewarding points nor satisfaction of a confirmed kill. The complete list of bugfixes and additions will be posted when the patch drops.
  5. It should be in your savedgame/dcs directory in the mission editor folder Did you just migrate feom open beta to stable or vice versa? Or have both on your machine ?
  6. Its not that I didn't know how, or that I felt it was difficult . Its that Im not interested . Hope you find the answer you're looking for, but I don't know that there is a definitive metric on completion, as everyone will likely weight the inclusion or omission of varios systems differently
  7. I don't typically bother digging into someone's profile when replying , fwiw tge post was similar enough to the typical "which plane should I buy next" message that it was easy to accidentally infer you were looking for advice on a module
  8. A10c would likely fit that bill, but keep in mind its had much more time to mature I would suggest you consider what you'd like to do, or what experience you'd like to have, and fly that. As someone who owns all 4 of those i can say an incomplete plane can still be very enjoyable, as long as it includes the systems that fit the mission profile you'd like to do If dog fighting is what floats your boat, it doesn't matter how complete the hawg is- you're not gonna be very effective , for example
  9. I'm pretty happy with no roadmap . I unironically enjoy a certain degree of opacity
  10. Yea, but how dare you like a thing differently than other people who like that same thing!
  11. there are still back& side lobes to contend with. they dont create tracks for the operators, but might show up on a rwr
  12. Partly correct...and also, partly incorrect. A radar isn't going to detect something that lacks an RCS, however that's not the entire story. Just because a radar can see something , that doesn't mean the system will classify it as a threat or present it to the operators for consideration . Radars by necessity filter out a lot of stuff in order to only present probable targets, otherwise you'd see all kinds of crap -including ground traffic and spurious returns - on the scope and it would be much harder to discern what's engageable. Some of these filters include trajectory and speed. If it doesn't meet thresholds, it may get filtered out or classified as a different type of target. A bomb may come up as an "unknown " slow mover track type. The operator would have little reason to consider it a threat Additionally , the fast mover that delivered the bombs makes for a much more compelling target. RCS makes sense for CIWS like C-RAM, but outside of that I can honestly say that in the 10+ years I spent in air defense, never once did the idea of engaging a dumb bomb with a SAM come up
  13. CE-II armed with......itself
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