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  1. I bought DCS just for choppers, even though I now own quite a few other modules. My first two purchases were the Ka-50 and the Huey. I got them both for $27 back in 2015. I could fly the KA-50 with my CH Pedals, but that was all heads down auto pilot. The Huey, I was not so great at. I busted the toe brake landing my BF-109 after about a year of getting them pedals, and decided those pedals were not worth the money to replace them. Instead I bought the MFG Crosswinds. In my opinion they are worth the money, and even more so they are worth the 4 months it took for me to get them shipped. After having them 5 years I am sure I'll never need to buy another set of pedals again. As for the Huey, she became a sweet module to fly. I don't know how much rudder precision is going to be needed to fly the Hind properly, but it can't hurt to have good pedals.
  2. I was iRacing Ovals, and as far as I remember these sales were a tradition but whatever.
  3. I am very disappointed in this, as I always counted on you guys to give us a sale to Honor this Holiday. Well if I don't see you in May , Khristos voskres! Voistinu voskres!
  4. Sorry I need the ip for the simple radio server provided by the 104th.
  5. i'm sorry what was the IP for stand alone radio?
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