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  1. Sorry for the confusion, the RAF662 is a WWII squad but it is inactive. I started hosting a personal server-casual nothing serious, for a few months and have picked up a few pilots, just looking for more.
  2. EST Sent from my LM-X410.FGN using Tapatalk
  3. Hello Gents, We have a group ranging from casual simmers to RL pilots, that fly missions most nights at 9:30pm EST from all over the globe. We mostly fly UH1H and Mi8 and occasionally modern jets. Over 20 missions to chose from- multi-role to helicopters only. Transport missions, rescue missions, strike missions & more. Join us on discord if interested. https://discord.gg/RSZ8e9q We also have a WWII server for those interested https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=194424 https://discord.gg/gS22EsX
  4. AMD RX480 8gb, also if it depends on the suns position, why does it happen at night too?
  5. No it seems to happen during the day and during the night, looking in any direction, in the pilot or co-pilot seat, but not in external view. I've tried the suggestions in this thread, water set to low, disabling clouds, shadows, fullscreen optimizations etc and nothing works.
  6. I just bought the gazelle, and cannot fly it due to the flickering, here is a video.
  7. I have made a few posts about it here https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=227474&page=4
  8. I just tried SP with this mission and got the crash again after letting the speedboat shoot me down dcs.log-20181223-050301.zip test.miz
  9. No 6 of us have been flying hueys the last 2 nights, and whenever we crash or die our games crash, no matter the server or mission. Tonight it happened and then it happened again but the 2nd time our games crashed at the same time mid flight.
  10. 2 more crashes tonight from flying huey in MP dcs.log-20181223-044256.zip dcs.log-20181223-031939.zip
  11. Latest crash from crashing a huey in MP, dcs.log dcs.zip
  12. A few Friends and I crash to desktop with no error logs or anything anytime we crash or get killed in game no mods at all.
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