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  1. Yeah, that is what I've tried before making the post. It does not work. I am running Win10, which others seemed to have troubles with. :/ Anyways, DCSFP is a very nice piece of software, obviously I do not expect that it will work flawlessly with every imaginable combination of OS and DCS updates. I'll see if I can find an easy work around. Thanks for the answers!
  2. So I am having a lot of troubles with the RMENU + LCONTROL bug for the switch panel thing with the gear handle. I have tried editing the textfile directly to no avail. DCSFP:s log window picks everything up fine. DCS picks up all VK_xxx strokes perfectly fine. It never picks up RMENU + commands, but it does pickup RCONTROL + VK_L, but not RCONTROL+ HOME. What I want is to bind the default key bindings for left and right engine start/stop to the rotary dial, so that it is preconfigured for all FC3 aircraft. I could change the keybind in game for every aircraft individually, but it would be such a quality of life thing to just have a single DCSFP-keyemulator profile to load up rather than rebinding every plane in detail if I need to reinstall stuff. txt-file attached. hlp plx? KeyemulatorBasic_Saitek_DCS_Profile.txt
  3. When the beeping starts, ease of the stick (you are approaching 18 degrees AoA).
  4. I usually assume that if the seeker can lock, the target is within range. Remember hearing for modern Mavs that the seeker is the main range limitation, so I assume that the same is true for the early ones.
  5. I've had this in the MiG-21 with HTC Vive on stable release, however as far as I am aware it doesn't actually do anything. Couldn't press any buttons or what not.
  6. Yeah, it should be. Starts automatically on engine start if I recall correctly.
  7. I was talking about MP, hadnt thought about the updater so that saved me a brunch of future frustration. :P
  8. Thanks, noticed this with the PTT on the stick. Will the lua mod affect integrity check?
  9. Are you sure you had SPAK on? Any stores?
  10. At 9:55, it seems like the flares are being dropped from the jammer (black nose) rather than the CM pod (white nose).
  11. I am going to the Air Force Museum in Linköping early friday to take some measurements on Viggen instruments, start drawing blueprints for simpit over lunch and then salivate in front of the computer until it releases I guess. :P
  12. You only need to read single words though, not manage a conversation. They said in the livestream that if english cocpit isn't available at launch it will be prio 1 following that, so it is sort of a moot point really, but for example; Funktionskontroll, Beredskap, Navigering, Anfall, Spaning, Landning/Navigering, Landning Par/Optisk, ...are the different options on the mastermode selector, and if you are familiar with english and german you should be able to figure out what is what pretty quickly. I have faith in all of your mental faculties. :)
  13. The problem with that statement is that none of those airframes are the Viggen, and none of those languages are Swedish. You pretend like they are somehow equal. Obviously they are not. If you already know english and german, you basically know swedish at the level needed for Viggen to be fair.
  14. I play CMANO, and even tried it as a larp mechanic at work once. Chaos was total, but fun. I really enjoyed "calmest waters", which I actually played to the end. Norrland Defense I have gotten halfway through at one time before getting distracted, but man JA-Viggens kick Flanker ass. :P Gotta search more actively for Skjold missions I guess then.
  15. Everytime someone brings up fuel economy in regards to zone 3, I will quote TAA 61: If it worked for Lansen, it probably works for Viggen, and Georgia has plenty of strips. Although I think maximum time in zone 3 is limited not by carried fuel, but by how quickly the pumps can provide fuel to the engine (not fast enough it turns out).
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