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  1. Wood of been a good thing, mossie Monday, but these things happen.
  2. Thanks for the update, looking forward to reading some news about the Hind.
  3. As the title says, just curious if there is any more development news regarding how it is coming along? Not interested in a release date, or the manual just a broad catch up. Thanks. If more news has been posted could someone link me it please, cheers lads and ladies.
  4. Love the new update, and no noticeable performance drop flying over Beirut low and fast and then pulling back hard and cloud chasing. Had to reduce my view distance from extreme to ultra but everything else was maxed and still getting 65 fps over Beirut and 100+ when cloud chasing. Have a older system: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X. 2070 Super. Ram 16 gig 3200MHz. Acer 27" 2560 x 1440p monitor with 144 refresh rate But all i can say is WOW ED amazing job, i love the new update. Thank you.
  5. Prime example why i do not bother most of the time with the forums, have a nice day.
  6. Other than the base liveries and a couple that might be released from the module creator later on, i have never been forced to download anything unless i put them in myself. And if you have "Gigs" of downloaded junk on your PC that is your end.
  7. That is correct, steam requires a date to advertise a product on it's platform. So as of now it's just a placeholder date to keep them happy, we could get it anytime over the next 3 months. Like many others i hope for sooner than later, but to be honest i would prefer a manual to study more than anything right now.
  8. In the same boat myself, i love all the older planes and helicopters, are they obsolete on a modern day battlefield? I suppose they are, but i like learning them because of that, clicking 20 buttons to start it up....yes please. To me it is the 'charm' of these aircraft that makes me spend hours with my head in a manual for days on end to work out a flow or what i need to flick to get something done. Don't get me wrong i love the bug, fighting falcon and all the modern jets they are great modules and well worth the time to learn how to operate them, but for me old is gold.
  9. Amazing interview, thank you so much Casmo and Wags for the time discussing what is going on behind the scenes in DCS. I have all the helo modules but the release of the hind (very excited for its release, quirks and all) will put most of them on the shelf for some time. The dynamic campaign sounds like it's coming along nicely and the new Mariana Islands sounds like a great addition to the DCS franchise (the lush jungle like environment will be a nice addition and change to our drier terrains ). The year of the helicopter is here!
  10. Day one buy for me, easy choice. Three months of waiting, but it could be less but i suppose that depends on a few things like the 2.7 update been released and how smooth that is implemented (the new weather looks fantastic). Amazing work ED.
  11. Hope ED's servers do not explode, i'll download it Thursday night after a day at the Red Cross. Think it's around the 3 gig size plus whatever else ED have and would rather download at a good rate.
  12. Congratulations HB, a proud day for all of you.
  13. I'm sure someone will make a "clean" skin for all who have bad eyesight, i have not the best eyesight but can still read it just fine so for me i love the used look. Once you learn what does what and muscle memory kicks in you wont be looking at the writing anyway. But each to their own, some want a super clean never been used look, others prefer the seen action and flown look. The mod makers and skin designers will help the community out like they have done in the pass.
  14. On the 12th not much, 13th i'll read some more about the cat and on the 14th will fly it.
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