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  1. What's the latest file that works with 2.5.6 ic pass and have clear water?
  2. Tried some stuff, Changing Oculus to Stable and not Beta. It doesnt help. Latest Nvidia drivers too. So yeah it's not fixed. :( Just reverted from Open Beta to Stable and it works as it should.
  3. How do i get the 2nd pilot to control the Yak in multiplayer?
  4. I want one of those, How? :D Do you ship to sweden
  5. Nope, i'm using it right this moment, can aim at a target, fire it, move it around and it still fires.
  6. * Updated Autopilot to actually work * Targeting Pod doesnt disarm when moved. Feel free to fill in!
  7. Is it just me that have to change the laser code to be able to get the GBU's to aim up? Otherwise it works okay.
  8. Added EHSD Moving Map (Work-in-Progress) Is this working at all ingame?
  9. This is pretty shit, we pay good money for the module, and doesnt even get a darn changelog.
  10. Something wierd happend, now it downloads 13,6gb's of files so seems fine!
  11. Epic, to bad it's stuck on the moving files from open alpha installation.. :/
  12. Hi! I'm using the AV8 rar https://drive.google.com/file/d/17bvF17DFoyLwBvGGbvCrbUgsWj0yK1Jy/view But for some reason when I use it, I can't slew the TPOD with Axis in Open Beta, as soon as i inactivate the mod, i can slew it on axis. Any clue?
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