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    DCS Black Shark/A-10C, FC2. A number of others I don't really have much time to play.
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  1. Been awhile but hell ya, spitfire brought me back!
  2. My wife gives me the blank stare as well...luckily I get some enthusiasm from my 4 year old daughter...she loves helicopters and likes to sit and watch when I fly. She likes to crash as well, probably because I big it up and act goofy when we are going down... That girl is my last hope....... Wife: no, there is another .....
  3. Voted yes: was hoping to see this in jet thunder but alas it never came to be. Nice looking duel prop plane with ground attack focus...kind of everything I like. In all honesty I have a hard time saying no to any dcs level airframe so take my yes as a possible reason for that ;).
  4. It really is much easier to just enjoy what's playable and not complain about it. Wisdom one can only really discover on their own I guess. Thanks for the update Ellis.
  5. Totally blown away by how it looks and plays. Need to figure out how to get my modules going...but flying around the map feels like a brand new game. SLOWCLAP
  6. Congrats Razbam, had no idea you guys were so close. This is a DAY ONE purchase for me (at full price). Very much looking forward to flying this baby over Nevada.
  7. Same, i don't think I even clicked on the Raz forum simply because I like staying out of the loop of development. The notice was a total surprise and seeing the images/teaser video I was like :joystick::pilotfly: Always really liked this bird but was afraid it would be like a year away. Can't wait.
  8. Rest in peace Jim. My deepest sympathies to his friends, co workers and family and my heartfelt thanks for his contributions to the genre and our community.
  9. Heart sank a bit, only because I'm just in love with world 2.0 from what I have seen. Also Nevada map for immersive training and desert setting. Totally fine with the delay and very much appreciate the heads up. Great update by the way, world war 2 spot and 47 are day 1 buy's for me...not to mention the sweet can sweet can f18C. I need some of that / sweet can (homer over Venus gummy)
  10. Judging by your work on the 21 and the fact I fell in love with the F14 as a kid (hi joe striker anyone?) you have my full support. Day 1 for me as well.
  11. Removing the listing, decided I really should keep it. By the time F18C comes out my life should settle a bit by then to get back some dedicated flying time ;)
  12. Thanks, I'll modify price. They are expensive here, don't know the international prices.
  13. Item no longer for sale. *mods you can delete this thread* Thanks guys
  14. Read the book years ago, thought they should TOTALLY shoot this. The stories (although a collection) are unbelievably dramatic. Glad to see Tom and Steven are heading this up.
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