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  1. I can’t wait for this to be available I have a full A-10 warthog cockpit that I’m really looking forward to using point control with. MilesD you have put so much work into this it blows my mind and I thank you for your dedication to bring a point control to this community. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas Day lol.thankyou again.
  2. The positives of vr far out way the negatives. I will never go back to a monitor for flying sims.
  3. I fly 100% VR using oculus cv1 I built an A-10 warthog simpit and an aces II ejection seat I find the seat comfy for about 4 hours then I’m done. I thInk I may not have my seat at the right angle as there is a lack of support under the back of my knees when my feet are on the pedals. I’ve been in many sepcat Jaguars and your shoehorned in the cockpit not much room for moving around on long flights. It’s good to use drawings like this to calculate the ergonomics of your sim
  4. I am on that aerobatic room a lot my call sign is hoverhog usually flying the red Canadian F18C Feel free to form up I’m -7:00 gmt Flying most evenings and mornings
  5. I joined your discord Harley my Call sign is hoverhog I'm off work during the week and revolving weekends.
  6. I’m in Alberta flying a few nights a week Just let me know when your flying I fly A-10c ,F18C,harrier ,mirage 2000 but haven’t learnt how to start it yet. Hawk , spitfire.
  7. Nice job looks great and comfy too. Do you run rudder pedals too ?
  8. I just ordered the Sahaj 15cm extension can’t wait to try it in my simpit.
  9. Lol that is a steamer for my flight suits of course. Got to look my best when I’m flying in my A-10 warthog.
  10. Couple more pic of the simpit all panels were built by my self 3 layers. 2 layers acrylic and aluminum base top is a photo copy glued to top panel and flat clear coat to protect the detail. 3d printed knobs and dzus cups.
  11. Here’s my simpit it’s a work in progress but it’s getting there.
  12. I have been watching this thread from the start. Can't wait to try them. Put me on the purchase list. I will buy as soon as they are Available.
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