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  1. I saw the video also, thanks for your hard work.
  2. Yes I give a little at takeoff and adjust some more after gone clean. I noticed left wing want to drop some on takeoff.
  3. You can map both toes on the rudder pedals to the wheel brake axis. Also you can axis tune the x and y as you see fit. Now I use rudder to turn either left or right and use the same toe also. Notice had to invert.
  4. Downloading patch now when finish time to download Mossie.
  5. Ok thanks did not know it was a lot of changes. I thought it could be just adding a plane. I do appreciate all the hard work into this and will bring many hours of fun. We have two to enjoy together and the two in Blue nose.
  6. My friend is getting it also at least we have two coop missions to fly together. Any chance in future to convert to coop more missions iif both have campaign?
  7. Thanks for the campaign. Just bought it and going to get flying.
  8. Thank you so much. Now I can fulfill my promise to the pilot Sprouse. Can t wait to fly this bird in Normandy with new clouds. Great job on the skin.
  9. First day on this looking forward to it. I have your Blue Nose and love it.
  10. I did this like in the vid and it came out perfect for me. It had enough force to recenter. if I want more force just go to hardware store and get stronger compression springs or traxxas cars has some nice springs.
  11. Thanks so much Snoopy. Since I only use 74th FS skin this is exactly what I wanted. Also I know I am 67 years old but I have many Snoopy t-shirts. You know "Joe Cool".
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