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  1. I'm having an issue with the Hornet adaption of the Mirage NTTR campaign here. First, I notice that AI wingman logic appears to be awful. I'm flying in a four ship with a friend as my 2, and 3 and 4 are AI. By the end of the mission 3 and 4 tend to just roll over and spike themselves into the ground, when myself and my wingman stayed at high altitude the whole time. This results in much higher loss rates than I would like. Anybody know of a way to fix this?
  2. If I am not mistaken, HOF or HT is an option that can be changed by the pilot only on newer model CBUs such as the 87, 97, 103, and 105. CBU-99 and Rockeye HOF is set on the ground, so you cannot change this in cockpit.
  3. Listen to the "Night Carrier Landings" episode of The Fighter Pilot podcast. They essentially end all of the speculation in this thread. If I'm understanding them correctly the CASE III holding pattern can occur on any radial from the carrier, but is typically somewhere behind the ship. It's the marshall point that has to be on a 180 radial from the ship. Pilots are assigned a designated TOT of sorts at the Marshall point, and are expected to hit that marshall point very closely. The podcast made it sound as if they typically hit this down to the second, or very close to that. Pilots do orbits in the holding pattern and use standard rate turns, half standard rate turns, and quarter standard rate turns and do math in the cockpit that enables them to be on the correct bearing and speed at the exact right time so that they arrive at the marshall point as directed. Don't skewer me if the manual says this is incorrect, I'm just telling you what two Navy pilots with actual night trap experience said on one podcast.
  4. No international body has "banned" cluster munitions. This is an opt-in pact to voluntarily not use cluster munitions that the US has not opted into.
  5. I'm not a lawyer so don't take this as legal advice, but I would think copyright issues would only come into play if someone was profiting off of their use of the early access manual, no? I feel like it should be fine to share the manual here.
  6. I'm not sure what Razbam's intended behavior for the missile is, but IRL they are not super accurate missiles. They SHOULD be missing very often. More than anything, anti-rad missiles are designed to be self defense weapons so that when you're being locked you can launch a sidearm, and force the radar operator to go offline.
  7. I don't see why it would be that big of an issue. There are lots of left-eye dominant people and nobody seems to be complaining about how the monocle in the Ka-50 works. Obviously that isn't a full HUD, but it's still a "one-eye visible" kind of thing, right?
  8. No, it's very basic, like the A-10C's autopilot.
  9. Could it be possible IRL? Sure. But it never happened, so we won't see it in DCS.
  10. DZShizzam

    Drag back?

    What is pitch rate? Sorry if that's a noob question. Is this basically like elevator authority, or the speed at which the plane can change pitch?
  11. Wait, I'm confused. Can somebody summarize all of Baltic Dragons upcoming campaigns, the module they are for, and the map they will be on? I know that he is making a Harrier campaing (for SoH?), and a Mirage Red Flag on NTTR. Any others I'm missing? I think another A-10C campaign was in the works?
  12. The F-14 Tomcat Heatblur is making will go perfectly with it. Perfect for sending Phoenix missiles at it.
  13. Spoiler alert, even Magnitude doesn't know! xD No announcement incoming.
  14. Womp womp. Well it's been fun speculating, but I can't take the torture of waiting for the announcement. Gonna peace out until next week and i'll check back in then.
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