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  1. This thing calculates a course and distance to any point within a TACAN's range, with just a push of a few buttons! Pretty neat I would say, would come handy locating targets with known position as if you had an INS on board. I don't think T/R mode would give away your position in DCS either, just perfect!
  2. it's too bad the f-1 does not have an INS. It doesn't seem to be much different than mig-21
  3. Thanks. so only 0-255 readings per axis. I guess I have to start doing the honey, I made fbw stick mod
  4. I feel I am missing a lot without a FFB stick. I intend to buy a FFB2 and add extension/resistor mod. I love how precise my WH is, does FFB2 needs a null zone? How is the noise?
  5. I asked that too and there was no response. Redkite video mentions the training missions, I guess they will piggy back on chuck for a manual
  6. Any chance for metric instruments? I am guessing the Chinese variant would use metric.
  7. I hope there will be a somewhat decent manual at the initial release.
  8. still waiting for HB to comment, other add ons don't seem to have this issue..
  9. yea we heard all those before, I don't know why people feel compelled to respond to questions that was not addressed to them but I bet they would be more supportive if it served their priorities. fanboys rejoice lol
  10. do you work for hb?? the question is when, not if.
  11. Not to ghost a three year old topic but there is no need for another: When will HB address this issue?
  12. that much of shake on the ground/stationary makes it look like a vibrator to me. These meant to produce artificial resistance for ease of trimming. I am glad you're happy though, have fun
  13. I don't know, still looks a bit excessive to my liking:
  14. I saw a video on youtube showing the stick shaking like crazy. Looks pretty arcade
  15. M3 did a fantastic job updating the cockpit, why not do the same with sounds? Nin's mod is good, but I would pay for a better sounds, it doesn't even have to be made by M3!
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