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  1. I have 3 green . So gear down and locked :D Hand Controllers are not connected. Yeah already thought that maybe the sensors are the problem but they are working in for example Lone Echo as they should. ATM im fiddeling around with my CPU setup i put everything to standard except DDR which i put to XMP profile. Its getting slightly better and i have more and more the idea that maybe my power supply is getting too old even i have an Enermax 850W 80+ Power supply but it is i think now over 5 years old :/
  2. Already deinstalled it with the DDU tool . But maybe i should get rid of the Geforce Experience think. MetaShaders and FXo i already renewed 2 days ago. And Nvidia power management is set to Prefer Maximum Performance as well as Windows 10 Power options to High Performance. Sometimes im thinking that something is there which stops my pc :/ Maybe i should make a new Windows Install to get rid of all bad stuff though.
  3. Ok tried to turn off the AI Suite and Corsair Link its getting slightly better , then i installed the 388.31 driver but yeah stutter still there and i dotn know what to do . It turned everything down its even not anymore possible to read the text of the Multiplayer Chat because PD 1.0 ..... kind of frustrating :/
  4. Yeah i already read that the 388.31 or the 388.13 are the latest for many good working driver i will try those also. Honestely i didnt tried it as much as i may should be but with 2.2 it runs better. I know that 2.5 have some issues but even with PD on 1.0 and all settings low it should run free of stutter. Also i noticed that not only the picture seems to be laggy also sound gets laggy when the picture is stuttering. I have running AISuite and CorsairLink. I will give it a try to turn those off maybe that is my problem. How do u handle it with the DP or SuperSampling? Only adjusting these with DCS DP or ? So for example with Oculus Tray Tool i let it at the standard SuperSampling?
  5. I tried after a couple of days to get my Oculus running with 2.5. I noticed lags/stutter even i have about 60-80 FPS. Dont know why these laggy behaviour is there but then as i tried to configure some things during DCS was running and i was sitting in the Huey that when i click outside the game window that the game then runs smooth without microstutter or something similar. Also my framerates going from 60-80 to steady 90. Does someone also noticed these behaviour ? Does these behaviour accours because when i click outside the game window that the input are disabled like joystick and rudder ? Because the inputs arent working when i click outside the game window as normal. Can my microstutter come from a not correct setup of my inputs ? Even i dont know why these are not correct. I will also try to delete all my input profiles of DCS to check if maybe the microstutter are related due to a faulty profile. Would be nice if someone can also check these behaviour. And if clicking outside the game window let dissapear microstutter. Here are my Inputs: Mouse Keyboard 2x Sensor for Oculus 1x Oculus itself 2x Logitech X-56 (Stick/Throttle) 1x Logitech G940 Rudder My Rig: Windows 10 Nvidia Driver 388.71 Nvidia ASUS Strix GTX 1070 OC i7 7700K @ 4.6 GhZ 32 GB Corsair Vengeance ASUS Z270H
  6. Yeah after a couple of while its more and more saying that MSAA of DCS is producing a bottleneck but we also need to understand that we have a BETA here and for a BETA honestely it works good and i think most of us see a good improvement. And also really thank u guys of the community that we figured out so many ways in the only past 7 days to improve what ED gives us. Even we know that we also may need some changes from ED side but as we saw with the last little Update yesterday they are reading what were writing and they also reacting to those things. U will never see those kind of Feedback from the developers at for example Battlefield so we can feel proud that ED is doing there Job well.
  7. Here u see how to change Power Options For me Driver 388.71 solved my problems. Try to use DDU Tool to deinstall your current driver correctely. But see this only as a tip from myself which i found out during my own experiences. Every system is different and can has another source of the stuttering.
  8. Which Driver Version u use ? For ne 388.71 runs better then the newest. Also please check your windows Performance option that its set to High Performance.
  9. As example i have here Nevada at 4:30am 1.June with weather Summer (Heat)
  10. Yeah its like i do i have only FXAA via NCP and ReShade i dont use in my 2. DCS 2.5 version to keep it clean from third party tools etc. But for me its also good to see the differences. Its easier to compare picture then to always reset the DCS game and then u see only 1 picture instead ov severals.
  11. Corrected the ReShade comparision due to Gaussian Blur was ON :( But we can see that the ReShade SMAA does something as like FXAA of Nvidia and both can be stacked.
  12. Tested the ReShade FXAA which doesnt do aniything for me :(
  13. I made some comparisions for the ReShade thing there u cann see the differences. Its clear to see that u can stack FXAA and SMAA.
  14. Maybe this helps u to see the effect of Nvidia settings regarding to DCS https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=201196
  15. Im running a i7 7700k with 4.6GhZ and Ram i have Corsair Vengeance 32Gb @ 2666MhZ With 2.5 i can push all up with deferred shading except the MSAA which i run at Off atm and use therefore Nvidia's FXAA and Object Shadows are on Flat cause with Standard i got flickering shadows. Doenst look as good as MSAA 2x or 4x but it gives me a wonderfull smooth lag free picture at 60FPS. Also i have VSync enabled cause i have a FreeSync Monitor with a Nvidia Card so no GSync or FreeSync would work. Only problem which accours with 2.5 is the Multiplayer behaviour which isnt as smooth as singleplayer but playable without a problem. And we have a BETA so we can cross the fingers that after the touch ups of ED we will get better results in a Final/Release version.
  16. Which Nvidia AA Settings did u use exactly? I tried it out and i only see a difference when FXAA is ON or OFF. Will try to upload a comparison screen between AA On or Off
  17. Ok i found something out with makes me not happy :D My screenshots from ingame arent showing the picture quality as it looks on my monitor . Therefore i need to updated the FXAA On picture. Now u can see an increase in picture quality.
  18. Application controlled i use Added Anisotropic Filtering comparison
  19. I can but it will not tell u if its laggy or not because this depends on your system. To compare Image quality is easier because its only 1 picture which u need.
  20. Added MSAA x2 + MFAA On inside the comparison. Maybe someone else also can prove that MFAA with MSAA gives a slightly improvement ? And when someones see any wrong description of the MFAA, AA, AF; SGSS, MS etc then please correct my because im not an GPU Guru.
  21. I think i already have it with the MS x8 Multisampling and SGSS x8 Sparse Grid Supersampling were u see no difference between All Off and MS and SGSS on x8. Or which Nvidia MSAA u mean ? For the AF i added a text. Yeah you are right. It only brings more sharpness inside the textures but dont help to get rid of the "Jaggies" "JigSaws" "Steps" however u will call it. All those AA AF MSAA SGSS are a bit confusing :D Adeed ReShade to the comparison.
  22. May u also want to check your Power Options of Windows 10. Go to your Control Panel - All Control Panel Items - Power Options and set those to "High Performance" Also check your Nvidia Control Panel - Manage 3D Settings - Power Management Mode is set to "Prefer Maximum Performance"
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