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  1. Not a Beta, just first alpha .... 56 $
  2. What a disappointment, it's like being back in the FSX era! The textures are ugly, the satellite images have not been cleaned and the objects are repetitive. It will take years before razbam fixes it. Considering the price I won't buy it
  3. Thank you for this great mod.
  4. Sorry guys, but is the "sea mode" correct or still WIP?
  5. @Ramsay, Thank you for responding and spending time on my problem.
  6. Hello, I don't understand why the standard JTAC of DCS gives me wrong coordinates of my targets while the CTLD script gives me the exact coordinates. In the mission editor, the coordinates of SAM 13 are 36SYB57966833, CTLD gives me the same coordinates, but the standard JTAC gives me YB 580834. On the Caucasus map, I don't have this problem, the standard JTAC works correctly. Is it related to the Syrian map? I attach my test mission (AH-64D), if you can test it and give me an explanation thank you very much. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) syria_test_2_AH-64D.miz
  7. Hello , thanks for this mod but , is it possible that the script provides the 3 coordinates (DMS DM DD) in the JTAC message, to avoid having to copy the correct version of the script in the folder ?
  8. Just tested JTAC on Syria map, when I place it "off-road", it floats above the ground, if "on-road" it is positioned correctly on the ground.
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