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  1. Being a complete novice I tend to run up the first campaign mission, which starts the KA-50 on a helipad with rotors spinning. Again, being a complete novice, I tend to crash.. quite a lot :) To the North East of the start helipad there's a fair sized lake.. which, of course, I've managed to crash into! The game engine does know there's water there because the rotors create a blue watery graphic/wash effect when you fly low over it but if you land or crash on the lake you don't seem to sink and the physics go a bit wild! Is this an engine issue/map issue/known bug?
  2. It's rare to see such a positive forum! It is very hard to believe that a "game" especially one as complex as this could be this good in its first version release. I have never played a simulation that comes anywhere near even approaching the quality of DCS Blackshark. Awesome :)
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