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  1. I'll have a look at this but "off the top" I don't *think* I can because I'm pretty sure the taxiways butt up against other things such as the parking area.. so you would probably get a line of gravel (or whatever) between them. It's a good idea tho.. so I will double check :)
  2. Another runway.. ED sometimes use the Run off roads around the parking area. Looks OK (imo) with the new texture despite the fact that it should be (or was) dirt. Oh.. fixed the damned runway start.. It's was wrong in 1.4, no bevel on the concrete! Surprised no-one spotted it, (including me!). I'm going to start packaging the mod as one release (V2) tonight. It will take awhile so it might be tomorrow before I can complete.
  3. Colours are not meant to match (although they aren't meant to be a million miles out either). I felt that different concrete would be used for the smaller paving. Anyway. This is more or less final.. Now with added landing zone!
  4. I can't add marking really.. they wouldn't tile correctly from airbase to airbase unfortunately. Blast areas.. this requires polys! Beyond my current scope! Completely re-worked Runoffs.. getting close now (I think!). Hopefully have something to release tomorrow. I'm also hoping to get some landing zones with aircraft marks onto the runway too. Will probably release with this lot as an optional addon to the main Runway textures.
  5. Started again on this lot! The staggering should help me to blend in the issues on the other areas. This is yet another Alpha..! Some fading of the joints to do, this is mainly just a tiling test. EDIT: Improved imo. Now for the more awkward run off roads
  6. Thanks for your comments :) 1. See the first page .. which will take you to here: http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=619433&postcount=112 This explains how to enable the textures in other seasons and why it has to be done manually :( 2. Yes there are problems with the way ED place the textures all over the place. Sometimes there are fair reasons and sometimes there seems to be no reasoning behind it at all! I can't fix texture placement issues because if I fix it in one area it will break in another.. and so on. A good example of "no reason" is the runway. The middle sections of the runway don't quite line up with the end pieces, I spent some time working to hide this as much as possible. Dragon
  7. Skypat, Did you get my PMs regarding the issue I have with adding more lines into graphics.cfg? Please help if you can. Dragon
  8. Totally agree.. Unfortunately the problem which isn't very obvious on the Alpha 1 screenshot is the texture join point. I'm still not quite there so hopefully, as you suggest I can find something in between the two. :) EDIT: For people looking to download the latest version of my Aged Concrete Runways or my "New" concrete Runways, see the first page of this thread!
  9. These are near final.. I'm not totally happy with either but I can't get around the fact that they are used in different ways in different Airbases. I'm now starting on the hardstanding (or whatever they are called!) areas.
  10. This is quite tricky. Screenshot is early but this is the look I'm going for. Bare in mind that there will be paving to the bunkers too. This is just another test. The idea is that this is very heavily worn, the joints between the tiles have filled over time. Opinions, particularily on the join issue plz!
  11. Yes the new grid concrete tile size will be smaller for the worn areas. I should point out that the screenshot above is only a test.. It should look MUCH better once I've done.
  12. Have a problem.. Think I'm going to stop for tonight because of it. ED take the texture & place it to join the taxi road.. They then flip the texture around and stamp it down again. Nothing I can do about this and as you can probably see it causes a lining up issue and a tiling issue on top of that! This really means that I either just live with this and deal with the fact that it's going to look odd.. OR.. I do what ED do which is basically make the texture be fairly even dirt. I'm currently thinking that I'll place tiles where it meets the taxi road and merge the tiles under a layer of dirt or gravel this still won't be perfect but better than mismatched tiling and lines. I should point out that ED do different things at different airports.. so even if I made it work 100% for the airport I took the screenshot at it wouldn't work at another. It's isn't what I wanted but I don't see how to get around it at the moment. :(
  13. Looks good, can you do a before and after screenshot?
  14. They are WIP mate. I am using a sat photo but there's only so much matching up I can do because there aren't enough texture types. For example.. in the screenshot above the middle road is a taxi road.. Ideally it should be (arguably) a primary run off. That way I could make primary and secondary run off areas, the age of the textures getting gradually older/worse along the way. I've already run foul of trying to age the actual runoff textures too much.. they then just look wrong/out of place. Looking at the sat photos I have which I used for the other textures the parking areas tend to have quite tiny tiles which are often half covered in dirt and grass. I will be trying to get some sort of compromise. Having said all that I don't think my first go was too shabby :) As mentioned somewhere before I'm probably going to release three mods in seperate threads soon. This is because a few people seem confused by this long thread and just what is what and where it is! 1. The New parking areas I did originally. They aren't all that popular tho.! ;) 2. The aged FINAL 1.4 version which everyone seems to prefer and I put all lot more work into. 3. The runoff areas (currently WIP) which match the above but may have to be installed differently.
  15. Thanks Mustang :) This is WORK IN PROGRESS for the runoff areas. I've actually got the texture named incorrectly. The final will have small roads/paved areas to each bunker. These areas probably aren't replaced very often at all.. so I have some ageing to do still and several other bits and bobs. EDIT: Struggling with further aging, doesn't blend well to the Taxi roads. Will probably age from front to back..
  16. Well I've sent you a link.. this one: http://www.xeos.co.uk/Dragon_OLD_Runway_V1.4_FINAL_MODMAN.rar However you MIGHT mean my newly laid textures!? These are on the very first post. I have tried to make the first post reasonably clear. I think the best thing I can do is create two new threads...
  17. I've found a way to do this which I quite like. I don't *think* it will be Modman compliant tho. :( It exploits the ability to rename textures. Basically I can create some textures as DDS files with Alpha transparency. So.... I can do some nice paving with a very small edge and make the grass transparent to show the lansdcape texture beneath. This will then cover all seasons, hopefully without an issue. Currently I'm looking at some sat photos to get some inspiration. Hopefully I'll get something done in the next few days. It shouldn't take too long. (famous last words!) :music_whistling:
  18. That's fair enough Dragon. You don't need to remove, just credit me plz with a link to the original thread for mine. However I would prefer you use your own base textures in the future. :) Regards Dragon
  19. LOL. Do you mean the small runoff areas going up to the bunkers.. etc.? If you do mean that then it's awkward. If I "improve" say the summer one.. it will either just be displayed in summer.. or in all seasons with a summer texture. I can get away with that with my other textures because they don't have any grass in them (actually the runways have a thin grass border which I replaced with gravel) but the runoffs have a lot of grass around them. I could get rid of that but then (imo) they wouldn't look realistic anymore.. EDIT: Well I've had a bit of a think about this.. I didn't know at first that the summer, winter, spring and autumn textures could be called independently. I might be able to do this afterall.
  20. Mogster. I've just tried this. I forgot about Autumn lol. Well I added this line: autumn = ".\\Bazar\\World\\Dragon_OLD_Runway_V1.4_FINAL.cdds"; Below the winter line and tested it. It seems to work OK on mission I changed to Autumn. Silly question but your line doesn't quite match mine. Are you using 1.4? If you are have you changed the filename? Ah you edited your post whilst I was typing. Well I don't understand at all then.. Try removing the summer line?
  21. I would like to point out that the textures published by jg3_dragon are copied from directly from my textures and without my permission. @zaelu, pleased you got your issue sorted! :)
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