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  1. I reiterate my point in your other thread: ------------- Dragon, It wouldn't have been so bad if you had have asked me if I minded if you used textures I had spent some 30+ hours in creating but you didn't even bother to do that. You mention that you have used textures from "several other mods" when is several, ONE, mine!? You do not have permission to use my textures. Please do your own work. ------------- However on top of that you have even named them in a similar fashion. Ridiculous! They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but this is copying with some dirt & decals laid on! The VERY least you could have done is credit me with the original textures. Don't just copy other peoples files and cover them up with dirt and decals, do your own work! A link to my work: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=36290 These are my textures:
  2. Dragon, It wouldn't have been so bad if you had have asked me if I minded if you used textures I had spent some 30+ hours on creating but you didn't even bother to do that. You mention that you have used textures from "several other mods" when is several, ONE, mine!? You do not have permission to use my textures. Please do your own work.
  3. NON-MODMAN VERSION OK I have a workaround for this which involves getting the NON MODMAN version I put up a short while ago (see previous post). This works fine. I presume that the "TempTextures" folder overrides ALL textures whereas "common" textures don't in some cases. I'll try PMing Skypat about this. He might know a MODMAN fix. EDIT: Found a fix for the MODMAN version. I *think* the problem is that ED call different CDDS files for spring and winter, the "common" texture doesn't override spring and winter calls. Open your graphics.cfg file found here: C:\(YOURPATH)\Eagle Dynamics\Ka-50 English\Config\graphics.cfg Open the file with notepad.exe NOTE!! THERE IS NO SPACE BETWEEN "cdd" and "s" Find this: -------- TextureCollections { highFolder = ".\\Bazar\\TempTextures\\"; common = ".\\Bazar\\World\\Dragon_OLD_Runway_V1.4_FINAL.cdds"; -------- Insert the following immediately below this line: -------- spring = ".\\Bazar\\World\\Dragon_OLD_Runway_V1.4_FINAL.cdds"; winter = ".\\Bazar\\World\\Dragon_OLD_Runway_V1.4_FINAL.cdds"; autumn = ".\\Bazar\\World\\Dragon_OLD_Runway_V1.4_FINAL.cdds"; -------- It should then look something like this: -------- TextureCollections { highFolder = ".\\Bazar\\TempTextures\\"; common = ".\\Bazar\\World\\Dragon_OLD_Runway_V1.4_FINAL.cdds"; spring = ".\\Bazar\\World\\Dragon_OLD_Runway_V1.4_FINAL.cdds"; winter = ".\\Bazar\\World\\Dragon_OLD_Runway_V1.4_FINAL.cdds"; autumn = ".\\Bazar\\World\\Dragon_OLD_Runway_V1.4_FINAL.cdds"; common = ".\\Bazar\\World\\Slovakia_Digital_Camo_1.cdds"; common = ".\\Bazar\\Terrain\\Surface\\LandTexturesBMP.cdds"; common = ".\\Bazar\\Terrain\\Surface\\LandTexturesTGA.cdds"; -------- Save the file, run Blackshark. Your campaign missions should now have the new runways etc.. I've tested this and it APPEARS to work fine. EDIT2: Thanks mogster for spotting I'd missed autumn!
  4. Ok here's a NON MODMAN version :) Note this uses the exploit I found along with my programmer friend where you can use DDS textures if you rename them to BMP. ED MIGHT remove this "feature". http://www.xeos.co.uk/Dragon_OLD_Runway_V1.4_FINAL.rar
  5. That's odd. The only possibility I can think of is that the campaign missions directly call the original textures (they are still there). I haven't yet played a campaign mission which has a runway in .. just FARPS so far!
  6. Necroscope's textures overwrite onlay_vpp.sup. Did you put this back?
  7. I'm not too sure what you might be doing wrong although the placement of the text in your graphics.cfg file is important. It should look something like this: ---------- TextureCollections { highFolder = ".\\Bazar\\TempTextures\\"; common = ".\\Bazar\\World\\Dragon_OLD_Runway_V1.4_FINAL.cdds"; common = ".\\Bazar\\World\\Slovakia_Digital_Camo_1.cdds"; common = ".\\Bazar\\Terrain\\Surface\\LandTexturesBMP.cdds"; ---------- The other thing you could do is extract the textures using a CDDS browser and place them in your TempTextures folder. You don't need to alter the graphics.cfg file if you use this method. The problem with this method is that the textures will use more memory. The workaround for this is to compress the textures into DDS format (You will need the DDS plugin for photoshop to do this) then rename them to bmp files and put them back into the TempTextures folder. However.. Using Modman is by far the easiest method, it makes sure that one mod pack doesn't conflict with another, organises any mods you use and so on.
  8. If you mean the joints then they are meant to be like that. See my "new" looking concrete if you want all joints in line. Here: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=36290
  9. I requested an update on lockonfiles this morning.. However they aren't there yet. So here's the final: http://www.xeos.co.uk/Dragon_OLD_Runway_V1.4_FINAL_MODMAN.rar
  10. Nice review on IGN, 9.2 is an incredibly high figure for a sim on a "gamer" review site. I have been unfortunate enough to try Ace Combat 6 on the 360. The Graphics for the planes are very nice and look pretty realistic. However the detail isn't there and the ground textures are pretty iffy. I say unfortunate because the game is pure arcade. Infinite missiles, VERY arcade flight model and so on.
  11. You'd be doing well installing them.. unless you are hacking my PC! I haven't released 1.4 yet! ;) There's a fine line between tiling and boring textures as I'm sure you are all aware. I either run all texturing in the direction of the tiling so that no tiling is apparent or I keep some variation but get "some" tiling when zoomed out. Obviously if I was able to use tarmac/asphalt I could reduce tiling to almost zero.. but I can't.. asphalt and tarmac is virtually non existant on Russian military airbases! The dirt is necessary imo. I've tried to make it I feel that I've got the balance about right, it can't really be seen when flying unless you are flying very high above the runways. Run off areas (the dirt roadways) I've had a really good look at the run off areas. The problem is that whilst I could definitley improve them I don't think I can and come up with something suitable for all seasons and keep the realistic look which ED put in as stock. Basically unless someone can tell me how to make MODMAN able to insert the same texture name multiple times I am going to leave Run Offs alone. From V1.4 Final: Fixed the issue with horizontal lining, forgot to allow for the texture placement method. And.. a few other fiddles..
  12. I've redone the parking area and would like your opinions. I've tried to get rid of the tiling which can be seen in my previous releases. IMHO it is less obvious now. I've completely overhauled the white lining. This is new and based on this sat photo linked below. I can't quite make up my mind whether I prefer it to the original (more or less copied from ED's) or not. Note that in these shots you can't see all of it as the texture is cut off on this parking area. Each Runway has different cut off points! The irregularity of the lining is deliberate.. see the real photo. http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&ie=UTF8&t=k&om=1&ll=52.916252,103.571033&spn=0.06697,0.161018&t=k I have still got to tune the brightness of the lining.. currently too bright imo and I still have to cut out a couple of sections where "repairs" have been done. I should point out that I'm intending to do a final 1.4 release without the tyre scuffs on the runway.
  13. Yes they seem to go out of sync after long periods. Noticed this in Multiplayer (very obvious) eventually it was so out of sync nothing much made sense. In single player I'm not so sure it happens but think I saw a glitch in a replay a few weeks ago.
  14. A few questions: Although I am dubious about the demand for my original "New concrete" textures (Even I prefer my "Aged" textures) I am considering "Modmanning" my first texture set, there have been a fairly large number of downloaders. Does anyone think I really should "MODMAN" them? With regard to the aged textures... Although I'm reasonably happy with my 1.2 & 1.3 release there's always some room for improvement. SO.. and with the following in mind: 1. I can't really improve the connections between the textures. 2. The variation in colour between the parking/taxi and runway is deliberate. 3. I can't really put grass in! You know who you are :) 4. I can't insert landing zones into the runway or other areas (it isn't possible yet) (Thanks Necroscope) Does anyone have any constructive suggestions?
  15. I just can't seem to leave this alone! V1.3 Removed the landing tyre marks. They are not realistic IMO. Should be further down the runway. Fixed a cut issue I had missed on the runway start lines. Minor tweaks to the parking area. This isn't a replacement for V1.2 as such, it's more for people who don't like the tyre markings.. the other tweaks are very minor and you probably won't notice the changes. http://www.xeos.co.uk/Runway_OLD_Concrete_V1.3_MODMAN.rar
  16. New link for the MODMAN version of this mod on Lockonfiles http://www.lockonfiles.com/modules.php?name=Downloads&d_op=viewdownloaddetails&cid=158&lid=1304&title=DCS-BS%20Worn%20Out%20Runways#dldetails I actually found one Russian runway... here: http://maps.google.co.jp/maps?ie=UTF8&om=1&t=k&ll=54.890332,20.590096&spn=0.033568,0.080338&z=14 which appears to have Asphalt! Also.. I'm considering removing the landing tyre marks from the runway threshold tile as it isn't very realistic to have signs of landings at that point. Anyone have an opinion on this?
  17. Last night was the first time I've actually played the campaign missions properly. I've only had a quick look before and was happy with modding and practicing in my own missions. Whilst the current Russian speech is realistic I found it very difficult to read the text and fly and would second the request for an English speaking translation.
  18. That looks really good Vik. I did think about Asphalt but it seems Russians aren't too keen :) I wonder if there is a way to change the texture by airport? So one has aged concrete, one aged + tarmac, another with a mix of tarmax aged concrete and new concrete.
  19. The simulation is absolutely fantastic. An exceptional achievement. Deserves evey accolade there is for a computer "game". The devs should be proud of themselves. @greenhut.. :notworthy:
  20. Can anyone confirm that the Modman version works with no issues?
  21. Yes. CTRL-F11, use "/" & "*" on the numpad to move around (forwards & backwards) along with the mouse. It's a bit of a pain but better than nothing!
  22. OK new MODMAN compliant version up. Tested and it seems to work fine. I suspect it may have a slightly higher memory overhead than the "cheat" version but I could be wrong. All links have been updated in this thread with the alternate version. MODMAN COMPLIANT VERSION: (Thanks to Skypat for his help) http://www.xeos.co.uk/Runway_OLD_Concrete_V1.2_MODMAN.rar
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