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  1. Digital Modular Avionics System This is from Belsimtek's orginal F-4E announcement 5 years ago (https://www.facebook.com/eagle.dynamics/posts/from-our-friends-at-belsimtekf-4e-module-in-developmentthe-f-4-phantom-ii-is-con/10159211032825341/): "The Digital Modular Avionics System (DMAS) is an integrated navigation and weapon delivery system installed to enhance the all-weather capability of the aircraft. The DMAS replaces the existing navigation computer (AN/ ASN-46A), inertial navigation set (AN/ASN-63), and weapon release computer set (AN/ASQ-91). In addition, the DMAS provides a self-contained, automatic computer approach-to-landing-mode. DMAS is integrated with the radar AN/APQ-120, optical sight AN/ASG-26. The presence of an optoelectronic system AN/ASX-1 Target Identification System Electro – Optical (TISEO), which is installed in the leading edge of the left wing, allows to detect air targets at long distances." It makes the plane a lot better at blowing sh*t up.
  2. Like the Tomcat, the Phantom is going complete a lot of wishlists and answer of lot of questions. Thanks to Heatblur's efforts, I've learned more about the F-14 in the last two years than I have in the last thirty, and I fully expect their F-4 module to be no different.
  3. I very much doubt that Heatblur is going to spend time and energy implementing something that no one aside from you (so far) is asking for. Digital Combat Simulator is known as a "study sim", and for a very good reason. Proficiency in all areas can take a very long time and is only achieved through steady practice. If AAR isn't something you have the time or desire to work on, then perhaps you should consider the "unlimited fuel" option, as stated above. OR, perhaps a study sim isn't what you're looking for...
  4. It's not going to be a big deal. Tomcat owners will already be acclimated to this fairly well.
  5. Considering that I barely took any notice of DCS at all until the F-14 announcement, I know exactly what you mean. I have used the Tomcat exclusively since it's release.
  6. I guess that's fair. Adding a command to the radial to get a position call out if and when I happen to lose sight isn't unreasonable, I suppose. Or maybe just a toggle setting activated by the user that tells him to focus on one or the other when you're in close.
  7. I salute you for using music from Around the Fur.
  8. Hmmm...I used to have a HOTAS (made by Saitek, I think) that used a rocker switch underneath the throttle for yaw input that you would manipulate with your middle and ring fingers. Maybe your friend could make use of something similar.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSqRu72uqb0&list=PLt0-G501NRxZ7ekyOQAlWMFZzoMWX1q1a&index=1 This was a good one. I've always liked the Kfir and I hope Pitkun and his team's efforts pay off in bringing it to DCS.
  10. That's a cool action shot. I've been looking for a new desktop image and I think I've finally found it. We need as many F-4s as we can realistically get. I want to choose Phantoms the way a golfer chooses clubs.
  11. Both, I would think, since it was flown by the USN as well as the IRIAF.
  12. This is the most accurate extrapolation available. Use this approach every time and you can't go wrong.
  13. Airspeed callouts are much more useful to me. I learned to visually track a bandit's position long ago.
  14. No, it wouldn't hurt anything, but since Grumman didn't build it into their design, what can you do? It is what it is, I guess. I seem to recall Victory205, Heatblur's former F-14A pilot and Tomcat SME, once remarking that AAR wasn't the issue in real life that it is in the sim because pilots could actually feel what the aircraft was doing, and that he was sometimes surprised that we are able to manage at all since we're doing everything by visual cues with no "seat of the pants". The bottom line of it is that all of the frustration you're feeling right now, we've felt ourselves, a lot, and everything that's been passed on to you are techniques we've used to make the learning process a bit less tedious. No one is trying to belittle you or make you feel stupid, and if you were already aware of most or all of what others have told you, then really, the only thing left for you to do is practice. The important thing is to not get discouraged.
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