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  1. How could they be fed with ammo ? the rear part of the pod or maybe some magazine close to the wing pod mounting?
  2. Well I tried to steer us on topic but failed, oh well ;-)
  3. Yes indeed, we will wait ( and wait for prob 7-10+ years? ) before we find out but remember that the only the YF-22 is the prototype and others were pre prototype studies I think.
  4. True, but looking back at the prototype YF-22 although some aspects of overall shape were changed the flavour of the airframe stayed the same from my own visual point of view. I know we wont get any data ( hard or otherwise ) on the stealth characteristics of the T-50 or the F-22 for that matter and not being technically minded about such things myself I wouldn't be able to interpret it in any case. I am interested though, in the shape characteristics of stealth and whether the T-50 shows a less aggressive approach to stealth characteristics in its shape than the F-22 for instance.
  5. Srry for the self quote, just didn't want to lose my comment in my admittedly self started off topic conversation.
  6. Second Vid, 2:22 I'm guessing all is fine here but it certainly looked very close. In the F-22 where the two engine intakes meet below the nose section seems to create a flat bottom and in my understanding a more stealthy shape. I have heard it said of the F-35 that its unsightly warts ( gun pods ) and other curves are distinctly un-stealthy and using this point of view the underside of the T-50 doesn't look so clean and crisp either. These are all opinions unfounded by any technical knowledge ;-)
  7. I find it a little irritating how often different states and development programs are accused of copying. I'm sure a certain amount of industrial espionage goes on but if two parties are working on the same problem ( I.E. stealth multi-role fights, or space shuttle ) then the results are bound to be similar.
  8. As a new Kadet on the 104th BS training program I can say that the program is very well put together and will challenge you to improve your knowledge of the Ka-50 and put your flight skills to the test.
  9. Hi All thanks for the interest, I will get back to you all about your offerers and advice.
  10. Thanks for your interest, I will check both of you out. I do have limeted exp with LO FC but tbh most of my flight time is in Mig 29 when in lockon though I'm sure I could pick up the basics of su-25t-33 ground attack if need be. Gratefully Joel
  11. Hi there. Been flying black shark since release on public servers with little coop or voice comms but I also fly with comms with RL mates and try to achieve some level of team play and coordination. Anyway I'm looking for a bunch of UK flyers to learn more and become more effective in groups and develop a more tactical approach to compliment my average flying skills. A/S/L ( been a while since I wrote that ;-) 27/M/London UK
  12. Thanks for having a look EtherealN but I recently invested in a new cooler for my card and the temps rarely get above 50C and with stock and overclock it could climb to as high as 90c!! I also have mem heatsinks on it aswell so I dont think its an over heating issue, it was suggested that for my size monitor ( 24inch 16x9 ) a 512mb card might simply not be enough but i have experimented with running the game at lower res and did not get much fps gain, i will kill the V-sync and Triple buffer though and see..
  13. Hi all, have been playing BS for a while now and am still trying to find a happy compromise between FPS and GFX. While playing MP especially over cites I notice a large spike in the Render amount by using CTRL+Pause/Break to monitor performance. These spikes in render up to 160 make my fps crawl down to 2 or three until the render "chunk" clears and then im back up to a low but playble 20-28 fps. This happens when changeing direction and using the camera but also happens at random times aswell. Is there a way of minimising the effect these render chunks ( as i call them ) are having on my FPS or what GFX setting in game or say in ATI Catayist controll center will give me the best performance increase ? Here are my ATI CCC settings for DCS and my ATI CCC settings 4X X8-Sampels Anti Aliasing 2X Anisotropic Filtering Disabled Standard Catalyist AI Mipmap Detail lvl = Quality Wait for vertical refresh On Adaptive Anti Aliasing - Performance Triple Buffering On and my system config
  14. Dammit, i was busy watching the "Core" a truly terrible film and only just saw your post, now I have only 15min left of the doc :-( yea, will need to find a place to get it from on the net. Is on the Demand 5 website and there are more in the same series on helicopter warfare YAY! http://demand.five.tv/Series.aspx?seriesBaseName=HelicopterWarfare
  15. Thought the community might appreciate some pics of this combat recon helo. I dont know much about it at all btw but its quite slick imho.
  16. Hi there, i have playing DCS since it came out and have tried a lot of different fiddles to get better frame rate but with good gfx. I am currently running as my main monitor a 16:9 at 1920x1080 I was wondering if it would be possible to lower the resolution of the game to a lower 16:9 res but still have it cover the full screen in windowed mode and still display on the second monitor correctly. I think that this would give me a large fps increase and with good AA not such a noticeble drop in image quality. Any ideas or tips? When i attempted to lower the res in 16:9 windowed mode the game screen no longer coverd the whole monitor. Do i have to set my desctop res to the same to get this to work?
  17. I'm afraid I don't speak Russian, perhaps you could summarise?
  18. I would always prefer they model something as accurately as they are able, and if that means only modelling craft that are requested for their military sims then so be it. Of course that does raise the question = Was the KA-50 requested by a military to be modelled and if so, why ? :-)
  19. Do you mean that not only will you do sims of aircraft that you have near complete data on ( which is totally understandable and commendable ) but you will also only do sims of aircraft that are currently being modeled for your military sim products?
  20. I just wanted to add to this discussion, I have recently really started to get a feel for unguided rockets and gun pods in the shark and here's how i manage it. I trim roughly for a heading old that overflies the target and might also trim some forward pitch too maintain airspeed. BUT for me trim is the starting point of my controls. When trying to aim the pipper I just fly the aircraft i.e. hold the stick at the required angels and adgust accordingly to aim the pipper. No need to fine trim to hold the pipper on target, that kind of precision triming is very difficult and not nessasary imho. When lining up a target constant adjustments are nessasary I find there is no need to trim these adjustments into the AP channels, just use the stick :-). I hope I am making myself understandable. Also, dont fire till you see the whites of their eyes ;-) some one on these forums said "unguided rockets are like a shotgun" and to a certain exctent that is true.
  21. Ha, Yay and old thread of mine reborn! I must say that when playing DCS blackshark, I wish there was a filter for the era that other units come from. I'd like to restrict the battlefield that the KA-50 files in to one that resembles the era the KA-50 was designed for. And as for the apache, i'd love to see the Augusta/Westland version for us brits :-) On a side note is there a UK army skin for the KA-50 yet?
  22. Hi I was wondering if some one could help me identify these different versions of the KA-50, these appear to have two different desinges for the front cameras but neither has the top rotor radar dome. This is Numbered as 18 on the side, there is a side view pic of this KA-50 but I have lost it :-( front cams covered with secret hiding bubble wrap ;-) 1. 2. Here, another KA-50 with a different front cam arangement but also numberd 18 and with a different camo pattern. 3. Details of the nose. 4. What appears to be the same Ka-50 as above but with again a slgihtly different cam setup, notice the bulge on the bottom. 5. And lastley this one, different again ? notice two camera systems on the front. Now I have read ( yes wiki, so shoot me ) that there are Sh and N versions of the KA-50 that never went into numerouse production but there appear to be atleast 3 different versions shown in the pictures above. Could someone enlighten me?
  23. Ditto, same problem, I dont have track ir so controlling the view with the mouse and adding in an cage shikval button would be really handy for the HMS
  24. Thats an interesting point, i could try DL'ing an ATI tuner program and copying my settings that im using with CCC and see if i get any improvements Ok, it was using multi monitor that was the culprit. I think because my main monitor is 24inch and my second is 17, my radeon 4870 512mb couldn't really handle it :-(. Now whether it was due to running in windowed mode or because of running two monitors I do not know but I will deff experiment again once the patch is out to see if that resolves anything.
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