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  1. Problem with accepting mission #1 TAC, while I try to enter the tactical TSD and enter the coordinates, the key board just blinks and will not except the new mission coordinates. I follow the briefing "HINT" to enter the required info but it will not accept. ok I figured it out Mission #1 works I just didn't know that I was redirected by WP04 and it should be a BP or Task not waypoint. good job finished
  2. can not see the campaign; when I place the griffin folder, into the campaign folder?
  3. yes works for me. 8Kx here. I'm flying with full graphics settings.
  4. is open xr working for DCS, working with 1.1.4? before I update. would like to know.
  5. I don't get it either, that symbol is in plenty of other Simulation games i,.e, Steel Beast Pro, and military sim. its a common map icon in many military books written about.

  6. something is wrong with the power settings there not quite right, half the time it won't take off. this is in MP servers I find; SP is just fine.
  7. how Do I turn on the VR adjustment UI tool, in DCS.
  8. didn't know it was only PDF and a link, as I didnt update my browser to link pdfs or atribut it..
  9. missing 7th of 17th air-cav if someone can. station last was Ft. Hood if there still there.
  10. PiMax 8kx; issue with shadows on high. also double vision of the George enemy list. track here with my view. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ky18j9tnqdtrrpe/AH-64_Mirasislkanddawnraidtrk.zip/file dcs.log.old dcs.20220429-172600.crash dcs.20220429-172600.dmp dcs.log hope this helps weird shadows' in that map.
  11. is this the same download; I got this morning?
  12. no problem; I just got a WMR steam VR update; so then I thought; hey maybe I should try clearing the FXO, and Metshader2 folders, not sure which did the trick; but I did not get a hard stutter or crash this time. thanks for checking.
  13. only the first one this last one would not produce one, because it stopped responding and I had to hard reboot. this one has the last crash dump. video has the area when I crash, end of the video.
  14. all removed unable to get report as DCS World crashed and froze, same point instant Tsblisi at the city where the convoy gets engaged and I finish them off, then go gun on the following LRM and Mrm missile a2A convoy after I finish them off that's when I get bad stutters then freeze and then crash. all mods removed clean repair done rebooted machine same area of crash still occurs. ya'll might want to try that mission. Instant Mission caucuses Tbilisi guard. dcs.log
  15. is the DCS SRS official? I guess not, ill remove that one too.
  16. there is no sound mods in this. here's another log crash. Tbilisi instant same issue, as soon as I get in this area. I start slide show. I have done a repair several times same issue seems like a ram cache issue. wait I have the A4e mod. So I uninstalled all; do I need to uninstall the DCS SRS as well? Logscrash41322.zip
  17. I don't want it off, I like it. but the problem is its bugged so needs a fixing. It also seems to have an issue with Full screen and windowed mode. I'm well aware of the balaclavas simulation, it works when the FOV is unchecked, it doesn't work when its checked. in the PiMax it gets stretched out to the left.
  18. the crash dump log files are in there. dcs.logdcs.log.old you mean these.
  19. I'm getting random crashes now not sure what's causing it. Syria map, and Caucuses map. Instant missions. crashdumps.zip 2 sets of logs and dumps.
  20. yes, its best to say what is the problem. Than coming in here saying DCS no support..
  21. its from a hot-start, the circle is there but can not get the filled in circle when pressing the MFD button. Syria map, Instant mission SA-5 track; AH-64_taltbug.zip
  22. I can not get bore sighted in the PiMax 8kx, it way off. I've tried both eyes rendered, and right eye I get no picture. as you can see theres an issue with the screen shot showing correct FOV. when Forced check is off.
  23. The EU convoy that is on the road ahead if you take out one vehicle the rest disappear, must be a bug?
  24. yes, that's how I do it. it's a little faster than having to calculate the mgrs
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