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  1. Are you adding any sort of new awacs integration to the server? i feel like this would be a nice welcome QOL addition. Other servers like GAW and buddyspike have their own variant which exceeds far exceptation of dcs vanilla awacs ai, its more competent and reliable. Buddy spike style is more simple and still effective that is done through f10 menu, were as GAW style is more verbal usage (need to be on srs) with bot feedbacks. more information for overlord bot can be found here https://gitlab.com/overlord-bot/srs-bot/-/wikis/home as for buddy spike, im not sure if they made it themselves but it works exactly like this https://github.com/Bob7heBuilder/EWRS There was a thread in reddit about why cold war and older era server arent as populated, many people gave their opinions but what stand out the most was the fact that awacs in dcs is terrible (im sure everyone experienced getting spammed of bandits 80nm while you have a bandit 25nm closer) Also the spotting, some say its a learning/skill issue but ofc we all know its not perfect like bms or il2 spotting. Now spotting is out of our hands on the other hand, there are these 2 awacs integration that has been well received from the community and i think it would be great if this server also uses it.
  2. Hey is there a community made discord for this server? i heard alphen's isnt fond of it but has another player made one for the community?
  3. I can't count how many times jester lose lock once im like under 25-20nm. My trick is to go PAL mode and try to get the scan to the last known position or wherever the + crosshair is in the hud if its still showing. Whats your tips n tricks in this situation? also is there any way to quickly get a datalink target altitude information? i have to wait until jester highlights that target so i can finally see it.
  4. i just wish HB would buff jester's number up.. This jester wouldn't have graduated RIO school.
  5. A-A or A-G, whats your guys fun loadouts in the jeff? for me i recently found out about this one, and its been my main go to ever since. "BRM and TGP on station 2&6, central fuel tank on station 4, and 2 GB6SFW on 3&5 loadout"
  6. Everytime i hop on the jf 17, my fps tanks to the point were i can't even do my start up. At first i thought it was because those 3 huge mfcds, but if i go on the hornet, my fps is normal. Then i thought it might be due to the cockpit textures. and the only other module to have a very high rez is the f14, so i tried to jump on the f14 and my fps was also normal.. Im pretty sure it has nothing to do with delka module but just wana report that all the other DCS module i have and tried, the JF 17 is the only one to give me fps issues. Back before 2.5.6 everything was fine. After the new lightning overhaul, i started to noticed major fps hits.
  7. Fellow discord member brought this up, and i thought it was worth mentioning here aswell.. is this intended? the way that the font on the jhmcs acts to your current fov ( basically how zoom in/out you are ) changes, its frustrating specially when ur in a merge and you want to change ur zoom levels depending on the situation, but if you want to read ur speed you havce to zoom in, or risk doing a quick look at your hud.. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/677715642983383060/702259817204416532/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/677715642983383060/702259854894694410/unknown.png
  8. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=1829751&postcount=139 it has been 7 years since wags challenged the community ( not really )
  9. "Jester additions and improvements" Please tell me you guys added a command "jester, Repeat Last" !!
  10. what does this mean for us who only flies with jester?
  11. Can you tell jester to switch pulse doppler to pulse in the wheel?
  12. nvm, guess it wont matter next patch.
  13. he seem to be able to control the radar, and have the ability to lock targets as the pilot, and with jester on board. Was wondering if anyone know how to do this?
  14. I was referring to text chats, announcements, and just a community for guys who love cold war era jets to talk about it, in real time. Also another way for guys to tell others to hop on the server to try and populate it. Not for ingame communication, since srs and ts is better suited for that.
  15. Just wondering, do you guys usually have the radar turned on for f5 and mig21, to try and pick up contacts? or completely have it off ? also was wondering, why isnt there discord for this amazing server?
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