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  1. Same, really no reason to be on stable IMO.
  2. Saw one on my way home this afternoon! Just started the download.
  3. It's been a while, but the last time I did this there was a very noticeable difference in roll stability at low speeds. It caused a lot of dutch roll and made the approach very difficult.
  4. While the suggestions above may not be technically correct, they would be good practice to gain flight time and familiarity with the FCS and how the plane reacts to inputs at low speed.
  5. The 120 doesn't instantly lock the the target off the rail. It has to be supported initially.
  6. It flys surprisingly well without control surfaces on the tail. I blew my self up with a bomb, blew the control surfaces off the tail and bent up the prop too. No screens sadly.
  7. Hes not talking about the burble. If you fly the hornet into ground effect the plane will suddenly pitch down. You can anticipate it and compensate, but if it takes you by surprise you're screwed.
  8. You can see targets, it's just not locking the target. Its locking a coordinate. The target can move, and the designation will remain in the same spot. It's like area track vs point track in the TGP. Right now the A/G rad is r will only do area track.
  9. 2 is not true for at least some ships. On some you can disable the AA launchers on the front or rear of the ship independently. If you blow up the ones on the front, the ship won't launch at you until you go around the back where the remaining launchers can see you.
  10. It has an ejection seat lol. Not much else you can do out at sea, just try to get out of the carriers way.
  11. The hornet ingame lands off runway quite well, you can definitely dead stick it. Usually not much advantage to doing so, though it can be fun just to see if you can do it.
  12. A-tune works ok, it's a bit funky, but all asrock software is like that. You can tune your voltage manually which is the way to go. I have my i5 8600k at a stable 4.9 with a-tuning. I dont remember the voltage, but it's nothing extreme.
  13. Maybe I never got fast enough, I dont think I ever got a good pipper. I'll have to try again when I get home.
  14. CCIP has been hit and miss for me. The drag is so high that you need to dive almost straight down to see the impact point. I've been most successful with using the TGP to select the runway as a target and using auto. Honestly I think using dumb bombs with CCIP is easier, you just cant get as many big ones per station.
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