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  1. Oh FFS (no, ff doesn't stand for force feedback... ) It's either your stick setup or what WOPR said: before touching the trim switch, make sure to disengage any autopilot sub mode you might've engaged before the break. Smack the paddle switch just to make sure. Well... first, make sure your paddle switch assignment is correct. When rolling out after the break, you should be slow enough to avoid any horrendous ballooning, just counter with the stick. The FCS model is still being worked on (I hope) and NO... it's not similar to Cessna. With the way things work currently, I prefer to gradually start adding power and trim simultaneously as soon as I see the velocity vector beginning to creep down. You should be in a descent anyway, from 800 to 600 ft. (Of course, talking carrier ops here) Takes a little practice to do it smooth. Other then that... check, double check, triple check your stick setup.
  2. I see this once in a while in the latest OB. On top of that, AZEL might show AWACS feed in the mission but not in the track replay (?)
  3. My burble work-ups: and, finally mustered enough courage for Mode1 + ATC. It actually followed the ball (for the most part) Of course, the 'wake turb. was disabled:
  4. UncleReiben's tip works. Disabling wake turb. is definitely an effective temporary fix for the silly nose wobble. The downdraft is fairly easy to deal with now. The upward bump might be a bit tricky but after some practice flying the ball all the way down is becoming a routine.
  5. Finally today I'll have a chance to burble around again and experiment. On my last attempt (right after posting my above vid.) I was able to fly the ball actually and hit the 4 wire and it seems I can do it consistently. 3 wire... sure but it doesn't look right. I have to either overpower, cut and go to MIL way early to hit 3 wire, with the wrong AOA or... jockey the stick a little as described by couple of people here already. Forcing the stick forward at the ramp should be a big nono. I haven't disabled the 'turbulence' yet and will definitely try it tonight. I wonder if anyone (including RW boat experienced folks) managed to fly a perfect ball through the burble w/o doing 'silly' stuff. On a different note: I added one extra item to my pre-landing checklist. 'Home' waypoint on FPAS page goes to #58 (blank)
  6. This bug has been around for a while: https://forum.dcs.world/topic/297695-ag-gun-after-using-jdam-issue-update/?do=findComment&comment=4936693 The thread above was not the first report on this bug. It's related to using A/G gun after any GPS weapons have been powered up.
  7. It's a start. After a while and bunch of YT vids, you might decide to get deeper and finesse the 'stuff'. Lots of good reading material around the forums.
  8. Son of a... , just had my first exposure to the burble. I'm late to the carrier ops after the latest OB update. I flew 2 case 1 patterns and it seems like I have some work to do, to re-learn flying 'burbled' ball. Unless... ED beets me to it and make it more manageable. There seems to be a downdraft in-close and I could probably learn how to power through it but this nose-up over the ramp (it seems more like a pivot along lateral axis) followed by a nose down wobble, which brings the hook up and makes alpha lower made me bolter twice in a row. The ball needs to be centered or tiddly bit up almost all the way to the wires. Well, I'll try... Thanks for the 'wake turb.' tip UncleReiben. Lets see if that works. Here's how I got burbled on my first case1:
  9. It seems like a few players are still reporting them. This thread (locked): https://forum.dcs.world/topic/280503-fa-18c-hornet-tws-messed-up-by-ghost-target/?do=getNewComment As far as 'phantom' radar tracks and empty TD boxes associated with them or not associated with them, I haven't seen any so far, in the latest OB. My understanding is that this type 'ghosts' have been fixed... hopefully. Now, the radar tracks of your own and other missiles, that can be designated and 'stepped' / prioritized with NWS button can certainly contribute to confusion. This PROBLEM is still there and it seems like some folks are also referring to it as ghosts. Perhaps the various 'gates' and things will fix this issue in the future, who knows. Anyone?
  10. No, not 'schooling' anyone, just spontaneously chiming in.
  11. Oh, I don't know... the big picture dictates the tactics. In my sim-gaming experience (few years online, then AI hordes), it almost always comes down to what happens after that first shot. Do you just want to simply defeat this first shot and reposition/reattack or... ride the 'edge' till the next shot(s) comes off the rail. That's where the fun was and is for me. Now... current Amraams don't annoy me as much as the crippled Hornet's radar. (That's the only jet I fly until ED fixes it, then... I'll purchase everything else ) The most annoying is the 'stepping' logic between the L&S and other tracks to include your own missiles. Inability to overcome the sidelobe noise at fairly low altitude, say 3, 2k ft. agl. and couple of other things. I need to play with current Amraams a bit more... so far I couldn't spot anything radically worse or even different from previous versions. PS. humans or bots... there's fun fighting either, although 'bots' have a long way to go... come on 'noah, klaus and bill'
  12. Tested BOL and R/BL after the patch... seems to be working.
  13. Lookup performance is also the same as before the patch. Side lobes noise is 'jamming' the radar very effectively.
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