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  1. ist der F18 Grip noch zu haben ?, Gruß Volker
  2. Hi, Please add me to the list. I'm from Germany. Best regards Volker
  3. awesome work, did you sell the first one ? thanks for the files
  4. Hi Rapti great design, thanks for the inspiration will try to build it with a cheap used programmable keyboard and the boadnar board, i think it fits great to my a10 vr pit and i can change the a10 ufc with this one when i will flight he hornet
  5. no i dont, but a good hotas costs around 400 bucks so again 6000 for this machine sounds a fair price, if you try to build one yourself you see how expensive the parts are, i buid a gseat by myself and only the hardware costs 600 bucks but can not nearly compared to this great rig
  6. Sorry for the stupid question but maybe one can answer it, i bought the channel map and it looks great with ww2 planes, when i try do a freeflight with the mission generator with the other modules i have like f18, a10 or helis i have no success its not possible to do a flight, is the channel map locked for only ww2 warbirds or i miss sometihng ?
  7. Wow Wow Wow, amazing, this looks fantastic and 6000 bucks for this awesome machine sounds not so much for me, some guys spent more money for a watch, wish i can convince my wife that i upgrade my pit with this 6 dof :-)
  8. hi, yes the pit was my christmas present :-), the wiring job with the controller boards and the rotary encoders, switches and so on take longer as i expected so there is a delay with the photos, no its not complicated to enter it, you can open the front canopy and the you can easy enter, most time consuming is fire up the mfd ´s and coonect it with dcs
  9. Hello, after one year more building i finished 90% of my g-seat vr pit housing, i know i can only use small percentage off the switcvhes, knobs, mfd and so on but my son and i love the bling bling :-), hope you like it
  10. Hi Miles, i have problems with the voice assist setup with the screen resolution, i tried all possible resolutions but can never get the full screen, the left and right side are always not full displayed, can you give me a hint ? thanks
  11. 18 th dec release date, but which year ? , sorry but i dont trust pimax announcements anymore, i think before we see the 8k-x we see the reverb 2 or another high end headset, and the price 1299,- is not really a bargain
  12. Hi Colo, this are really great news, cheers, Volker
  13. Hi Colo, thank you very much, i am happy that i was able to hide the chaotic g-seat pneumatic wiring inside the pit and have purchased your great app, yes it tried the borderless option but yes the bottomless option is a little bit too large but i was very satiesfied with the current solution, thanks again for your great support, btw i preordered the f16 modul, did you plan later a f16 version, if so i were happy to buy it, Volker
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