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  1. It's two thing. The Rona made it so shipping was impossible out of China. Second thing was the stimulus check. Everyone bought something with it. I got my Warthog and throttle. I was so happy. Everything should be back to normal right for Christmas.
  2. the issue is simple. the stimulus checks went out and everyone bought up all the flight stuff. Thrustmaster and Logitech both basically sold out of the big stuff. They are waiting for the cargo ships to dock and then everything will be back in stock. Until that time stupid prices will be around. Just give it another month and it should all be back to normal.
  3. this is why I am waiting until Saturday to start up DCS. the forum is nuts, Reddit is nuts and soon the 'it's all broken' 'why, just why' posts will start. I had enough of first day shenanigans in World of Warcraft to last me a lifetime. I am happy that they are releasing today and happy to read the patch notes. I just sadly know what's coming. The really sad part is that it happens to all programs and there isn't a single thing they can do about it. Nothing survives in the plan after first contact with the enemy.
  4. no, because it's not out yet. when it is, then you will see it in the list and you can download it.
  5. who is streaming????? I wanna watch so bad and don't want to be a spectator... twitch this!!!!!!
  6. MAC has scope creep, it is what it is and it will be out when it's out. Scope creep is death for programmers
  7. do you need help on the 140 page manual?
  8. well at least they aren't like myspace and 50 million songs just disappeared I didn't even no myspace was still up until I read the story this morning.
  9. what I don't understand how do you want it changed? would you like the music and manual be able to be downloaded separately? would you compress the files and then have them uncompress on the machine side, once it's download or keep them compressed until you need them? I know you said you aren't going to answer again, but maybe someone else will chime in. I play x-plane 11 and most of the planes are 5-10gb and the scenery is 3-10gb each. I also have a 500gb dedicated to DCS and another 500gb dedicated to x-plane.
  10. the issue is that they have 4k pictures in it. I told them to use reduced file size on Adobe Pro but I think it's low on their list. plus they just added the lantern stuff, so it's a living manual.
  11. disable the F-14 in the module manager and see if it works then. Then you will know if it's dcs or the F-14.
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